2020 Sindy dolls revealed at Dollycon

Here is a reblog from Shimmy Shim and I’m trying not to get too excited about the idea of a line of collector Sindy’s that actually look like Sindy. Let’s hope the project goes ahead.


  1. im all excited at Sindy getting a reboot, though that infamous aimed at collectors label means they will be way out of my price range . But im patient i can wait 10 years till they make the charity shop if i live that long

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    • These look more like the real Sindy than any I”ve seen. I’ve only seen photos of the Tonner Sindy but I didn’t feel she was quite right. I can’t explain why but I felt something was missing.

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      • I agree,, these look much more like Sindy with evidence of variation on some of the sixties outfits. Tonner just didn’t get the face right, although, like you, I’ve only seen pictures. Unfortunately if Β£80 is the price tag, that’s way beyond my budget.

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      • I imagine by the time we factor in the exchange rate and any import charges she may be nearly $200 here so that’s expensive for me. I like my original Sindy’s so I’d have to be very motivated to spend that kind of money. I thought the Tonner face was a bit wrong too. Maybe not British enough?


    • The early Sindy’s were not sold in the USA although later on Marx did introduce them but they never gained the same popularity. As Pedigree made Sindy under a licencing agreement with Ideal who produced Tammy they would probably not have been allowed to compete with them in the USA.


  2. Ooohhh I like the ginger in the checked capelet/poncho. Tres chic! Also like the others in outerwear. What do you think? WWhich would you choose?

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