The National Museum of Toys/Miniatures (USA)

It’s not often I get chance to write about a museum outside Australia but today I was reading the Facebook page of the ABC Doll Club and a member had posted photos of her visit to the National Museum of Toys/Miniatures in Kansas City, Missouri. It is located within the University of Missouri campus and it looks really interesting. There are collections of toys, dolls and miniatures. The Museum also has a blog which you can access here.

UMKC toy2
Museum entrance. photo by Nightryder84

I am sure that many of you in the USA know of this museum. Perhaps you have even been there. If so maybe you could tell us more about it. Those of you who are outside the USA but planning to visit or maybe are just new to our hobby might enjoy having a look at their website so I have included a link at the end.


Sandover [CC BY-SA 3.0 (




  1. It’s funny I’ve see the logo but not known about the museum. I have extended family there but they are the more out-doorsy sort. How fun to think of seeing it though for us it would be air travel or several days one-way. I think the bear is sweet.

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    • The bear is sweet, we all love bears. My Dad told me when I was little I saw a concrete Teddy bear on a ride in Skegness and wanted it. I created such a fuss that the owner offered to let me have it. Dad declined, not wanting to carry a concrete bear around! I was less then three years old so I don’t remember it.

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