Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Beauty & The Beast Belle 1990


Today’s Friday Girl is one of my early purchases. I didn’t know who she was when I bought her but thought she had unusual eyes. Naomi and I later came to call these “Disney Eyes”. I learned that she is Belle from Beauty and The Beast circa 1990. She has the twist and turn waist of course and a head of thick, brown hair. In recent times Sylvia has been in my storage box down in the garage but she has appeared on the blog at least once modelling Fashion Avenue.

Today she is modelling a few outfits for a new portfolio to show Vivienne as she hopes to get invited to another fashion shoot.



  1. Sylvia has beautiful eyes, a sweet face, and shows her versatility by modelling all these fashions. Vivienne definitely needs to invite her to the next fashion shoot. Can’t wait to see it!

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  2. She does lend herself to very many fashions! She was/is a very loved Disney Doll at our house. Aurora was # 1 and Belle #2, but belle came with the extra (peasant) outfit that shared with anyone who needed a dress. She is certainly one of the most attractive.

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  3. Those old dolls look rather inferior now compared with the Basic girls. I don’t like all the thick bushy hair. It sticks out miles. Sorry to criticise but I am not a fan of such big hair.

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  4. Sylvia is beautiful and looks great in all the outfits, Vivienne should definitely hire her again. Just catching up on your site after 2 weeks off work. Did you hear about the hottest day in the UK? I was out in the garden doing my music festival shoot. I’d have taken more shots if it hadn’t been so hot. I did get two identically dressed Kens as “The Blondie Duo” the Spice Girls Reunion and also Jem Jerrica with Kyle and Brendan (aka modern, rooted haired Ken dolls)

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