Fashion Doll Friday: Just Play Jo Jo Siwa

Today’s Friday Girl comes to us via the Op Shop. She is a Jo Jo Siwa singing doll. I did not know anything about this doll so I had to look her up and learned that she is a celebrity doll and that Jo Jo Siwa is a teen singer and TV personality who appeared on “Dance Moms”.

There are a few different Jo Jo dolls including three versions of this Skipper sized doll. Jo Jo is marked “Just Play” and made in China on her back just above her battery compartment and has an On/Off switch on her lower back and a button (belly button) which you press to make her sing. This doll seems to be the only one of the three that has articulated arms.

According to what I have read this version of Jo Jo has coloured streaks in her hair and sings an excerpt of her song “Hold the Drama”;  this one has the streaks but although she is in working order I have no idea what she is singing. However, I found a YouTube review of this doll and recognised the song from that.


I have included a video of the real Jo Jo Siwa. I couldn’t watch it all. She is very loud and hyperactive and a minute or so was enough for me. Also, I could barely understand what she was saying. The doll is not a bad likeness though.



  1. She’s a sweet doll, lovely shiny hair. Maybe she could hang out with your Skipper, Cricket, Pepper, Patch et al ? I’ve never heard of her myself, but I guess that’s my age again! Still it’s always fun to do research.

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    • It was interesting to look her up and she is the right size to hang out with Skipper and co. but she was just here for a tidy up and clothes. She’s back to the shop next week. I do like her hair though.


  2. Good detective work on a pretty doll. I’ll take your word and avoid the video lol Would be fun to see her in different fashions and with other dolls. Is she about the same size as the Harry Potter dolls who are much bigger celebrities?

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    • Yes, she’s much of a size with them. She seems to be similar sized to Ashley Olssen and modern Skipper. I might do a line up photo this weekend for comparison before she goes back to the shop.


  3. I recognized that doll right away. My granddaughter wanted one for Christmas 2 years ago. I let her mom buy it, because I was annoyed with the YouTube videos of her, very hyper to me. I do agree for collecting purposes the doll that is Skipper sized is cute, but wouldn’t buy it because a doll has to make me happy, she doesn’t. Maybe I shouldn’t have seen the YouTube videos.

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