Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Gymnast Stacie 1996


Sorry to be late with today’s post. I’ve had another house viewing and I waited until it was over to do my photoshoot. Anyway, today’s Friday Girl is Gymnast Stacie. I have featured her before but the photo has disappeared from the post because it was one of the ones I had linked from Flickr. It was old anyway so I decided to rephotograph her for Fashion Doll Friday.

This Stacie is articulated at the waist, knees, ankles and elbows, but not wrists. She originally came in a hot pink jumpsuit with a set of pink gymnasts bars to practice on. My Stacie was bought nude so I got her a genuine Stacie dress to wear. However, as she is slimmer than regular Stacie she’s never looked quite at home in it. For our photoshoot, she brought along big sister Skipper’s cheerleader outfit. It was a little loose but Mrs Roberts probably would have said, “You’ll grow into it.” Wearing this outfit and with her hair tied back, Stacie felt a lot more comfortable and demonstrated what she had been learning at school.



  1. What a little cutie! You can certainly see the resemblance to big sis Barbie. It’s great when dolls are articulated, you can do much more realistic poses with them.

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  2. I’ve seen dolls these days, many made in Europe, that are almost fully articulated. Even facial features can be changed some. I don’t know if I really like them. I think these are not really toys for kids. More like for adults and considering some of the clothing they sell for them, some very strange adults at that.

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    • I think I know the ones you are speaking of and they are mostly for collectors who like to customise their dolls completely. Very expensive and definitely not for kids.


  3. Stacie is so sweet and so in line with what I give my grand nieces. She looks like one even they can dress. I think the only Stacy I have is Taller and less articulated so hard to dress. I should absolutely add one of these to my granny purse. I bet she’d be adorable as a rider as I have a few small horses, I guess *I’ll put her on my wish-list.

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    • She would be cute on a pony if you have one the right size. When I was looking for a photo of her playset I found that the more recent Stacie had a set of bars almost the same. The one called Team Stacie and yes she is a bit taller I think.


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