Op Shop Dolls: Retro Surprise Bag Part One

While we were unpacking the weekend donations at the Op Shop I found a bag of clothes which I put aside to look at later. We don’t get a lot of dolls clothes donated so when we do I usually check them over in case there is anything to fit dolls I’m currently fixing up. This bag looked as it if it were mostly fashion doll clothing and I recognised a Sindy skirt so I thought there might be a couple of older pieces.

In the end, I took the bag home to check out because small things like that are easily lost and I don’t go to the shop on Tuesdays usually.  When I unpacked it in the evening I was very surprised at what I found in there. I could see a doll and I was surprised to find that she was an older doll. She looks a lot like Naomi’s “Happy Birthday Barbie” from 1981 and apart from her hands being a little bent she is in very good condition.

The clothes were a mixed batch, some were homemade, some were tagged Barbie and some were not tagged but I think they are Mattel. Nearly all of them need a wash and most need mending. I won’t show you all of them today just the best pieces.

First of all, I found Day to Night Barbie’s suit. As you may remember I found the skirt and bodysuit in a batch of Op Shop stuff some time ago and kept them because I already had the jacket. This suit still had its hat and briefcase and is a lot less faded than the one I have. I’m not sure if it might be the repro version. I’ll need to examine it more closely.

Then I found several pink pieces which I couldn’t identify so I got my books out and after a short time realised I had some bits of Pink and Pretty Barbie’s outfit. In fact, the doll had been wearing the skirt when I picked her up. I found the pink pants, cape/skirt and short cape/hat piece and the scarf. Unfortunately, the top wasn’t there but I may find one somewhere. I was not collecting during the early 1980s so I don’t always recognise these dolls and outfits right away and this isn’t one I’d have bought for myself anyway as I preferred dolls in streetwear. However, having found most of the outfit I’d like to find the rest to complete it and an era-appropriate doll to wear it. yes, I will be buying these two outfits for myself.

Pieces from Pink and Pretty Barbie’s outfit.

I have one other piece I want to show you today because I haven’t figured out what it is. It looks like baby doll pyjamas and the top is tagged, “Skipper”. However, I can’t find it in the book I was looking in or online so far. I tried the panties on two different Skippers and they were too tight to go over their hips so I am puzzled. I doubt it would fit modern Skipper either.

Mystery Skipper outfit

Next time I will show you some of the other clothes from the bag and maybe after I’ve done some cleaning and repairing we’ll have a fashion shoot.

Update: A helpful lady at Australia Collectable Barbie 1973-2000 Facebook page was able to ID the Skipper outfit for me. It is Skipper Fashion Fantasy #4878 from 1983.




  1. What a great find. Where I live we have seven charity (Op) shops and I regularly check them out. I was lucky last week and found a Fashionista Lea doll which I was pleased about, I’d been looking for an oriental looking doll. There seem to be fewer and fewer dolls and toys now, kids are only interested in having a mobile phone welded to their hand. We do however have a wonderful Collectibles shop and I get lots of doll stuff there. Gill and Paul, the owners will look out for things I need. Naomi would love the shop as it sells all sorts of retro stuff. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the clothes and a fashion shoot. I love your fashion shoots with Vivienne and Jan.

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  2. I went to the markets and some SH shops and found stuff all over the weekend. Hope I do better next weekend since I will have to go back to boring work soon. Holidays go so fast.

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  3. This doll is nearly as iconic as the Peaches & Cream as far as eighties dolls go. I think the outfits will be a lot of fun. Which Skipper did you try the pink outfit on? I am finding they do sometimes vary in what they can wear. I don’t have but a few taller ones. I often dress them in the cheap/ no tag Asian fashion packs that are often too small for Barbie.To find authentic Barbie stuff is awesome. Great blog.

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    • I tried 83them on my 1983 Skipper thinking she would be the nearest to the correct era, turns out I was spot on. However the panties did not want to go on and I didn’t want to force them. I tried them on a later Skipper but no joy there either so will have to have another go later. I have a Malibu Skipper who hasn’t tried yet. Otherwise I think they will be passed down to Stacie.


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