Op Shop Dolls: Disney Princess in a Homemade outfit

Here is a doll I brought home from the Op Shop not too long ago.  She is marked Disney and is another of the many varieties of Disney Princesses that pass through the shop. There was not much wrong with her apart from crazy hair but as she had a large head and small body I wasn’t sure what I was going to dress her in.

The problem was solved when the retro surprise bag arrived at the shop on Monday. This little knitted dress and coat looked too big for Barbie so I thought it might fit her. The dress is too long and so are the sleeves of the coat but she does look very cute in it. The coat needed a bit of darning but it was obviously lovingly made by someone and even had little floral buttons.

Disney doll from the Op Shop.




    • I can recognise a few of the princesses now because I see so many Disney dolls at the Op Shop. Disney must make more money from merchandise than they do from the films.


  1. I’m afraid all the new dolls just look the same to me these days. Still she looks better dressed and tidied up.Too bad some brat will wreck her again later.


  2. We need a Vanda in all our charity shops here. Nearly all the dolls I’ve bought (rescued!) in these shops are nude and usually have matted hair. I always wonder what happened to the outfit they were wearing when new. My sister and I always kept our dolls dressed at all times, and now with my collection they are all dressed at all times.

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    • I see messy dolls at charity shops and tip shops too and always wonder how they have the nerve to ask the prices they do for dirty naked dolls. At the one where I work the owner and staff take pride in selling goods and clothing that is clean and nice so I thought that ought to apply to the dolls as well, that’s why I started taking them home. I just hate seeing messy dolls on the shelves and I kind of hope that they will be taken care of better if they look nice to begin with. That may be an optimistic view but parents are more likely to buy if they don’t look like rubbish.


  3. When you see the transformations you have done, they are amazing, but I have always wondered how people have the nerve to donate things in such bad condition in the first place. I only donate items in good condition that can be resold without a lot of restoration work.

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  4. Some people inherit their folks collections, some give over that re4sponsibility over to others. I try to be helpful to the thrift shop I live near, telling them when they have jems or rocks. I dress and tag any toys I give them, and make sure the books are something I’d like to find myself. Having had to go through mother-in-laws stuff last year then father-in-laws recently, I am more aware of who might have to deal with my bits after I’m gone.2020 won’t just be hindsight for me but, serious consideration as to what I love/adore ,like ,and what might be parted with.

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    • Yes, there comes a time when you have to decide what to do with your stuff especially if you know that it will be a lot of work for family members if you are not around or that they have no knowledge or interest in what you have.


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