Reblog: 10+ FAQs of Toy Photography

There are some great tips in these articles about miniature photography from Tourmaline. I love the idea of photographing small things to look bigger although my knees don’t love it so much when I try to get down low. I often sit on a chair to put myself nearer to table height when I’m photographing my fashion dolls.

Tourmaline .

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  1. There are some great tips here. My photos are just amateur with a point and shoot camera, mostly taken in our garden or indoors but I have built up a collection of props and I do now take dolls on location. The weather is going to be good this weekend so I’m going to be doing a Beauty Contest in the back garden. The dolls are ready in their swimwear and I’ve made sashes for them. My wonderful parents have just bought me Barbie in her wheelchair which I’m looking forward to using on shoots too, starting with a prom where she will hit the dance floor in her chair and get her man!

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    • Point and shoot cameras can still do a great job. You can have the best equipment in the world and still not get great shots if you don’t take the trouble to think about the composition of the picture. I hope you have a nice day for the Beauty Contest . May the best doll win!


      • It will be hard to pick a winner, there’s around a dozen taking part as that’s all the swimsuits I have and then trying to find who would fit into them. The curvy girls did not fit into any of them (I was trying to make the point that we’re all beautiful regardless of our size and shape)

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  2. There’s a thought, mind you I’m quite quick at sewing as well. I’ll check out the animal print bikinis I made recently for a Jungle fashion shoot. maybe one of them will fit.


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