Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Island Princess Maiden Barbie 2007



Today’s Friday Girl was one of several dolls released in 2007 when Mattel made the “Island Princess film”. As well as Princess Rosella and Luciana there were three Maidens. Diana, who you may remember from previous fashion shoots, is one of them.

Diana was a market find, she has the shorter “Hobbit” belly button body. She has the Lea/Kayla face sculpt. but she has no name on her box. Two photos were taken in the garden this afternoon as it briefly stopped raining and the sun came out. She’s wearing an outfit from a Fashion Fever Closet. The other two are from fashion shoots Diana has taken part in.



  1. Diana looks great in her fashion fever outfit and she’s a very pretty doll, I do remember her from fashion shoots. The Lea face sculpt makes a nice change. My “oriental girl” I rescued I’ve just found out is Lea. She has very dark brown long hair with a fringe and is very pale skinned.


  2. Love this face, on this body kind of fairy-like. One of my Asian gals is the one I’m using for the Bride scene in the Labrinth. I used a blond Liv wig for Jarreth. Some little girl on the internet who couldn’t find proper dolls had her dad make some. This little Diana also looks a lot thik the lea/kayla face Shakira celeb. doll.


  3. Absolutely love this as Diana has one of my favorite face sculpts and looks gorgeous in the FF outfits. Fantastic how her makeup coordinates with the lilac ensemble.

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