Vivienne’s Vintage Afternoon

Back To The Eighties

Vivienne and Becky spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon at the Vintage Fashion Fair where Vivienne spotted several outfits she really liked. Later she called Jan to ask if she’d like to see them.

“Would I?” exclaimed Jan. “I’ve just started a fashion blog would you mind if I interview you for it?”

“Not at all.” replied Vivienne “How about next Saturday afternoon? Would your friend Midge be able to take the photos for us? I don’t want that rude Dennis person involved.”

Jan was sure that Midge would be happy to help.”In fact, why don’t we do it at our place.” she suggested. “Midge just bought some studio lights and I know she wants to try them out.”

So it was agreed and the next Saturday a small group assembled at Jan and Midge’s place. Vivienne had brought Becky of course and Becky’s best friend Sarah had come along too.

The Fashions

Vivienne unzipped her dress bags to show the girls her favourite finds. “I was so lucky to get these two outfits, ” she told them. “They are not complete but there are only a few pieces missing. ” She held up a pink suit with a reversible skirt. “I haven’t even tried this on yet so I’m going to be first.”

Jan was looking at the other outfit. “May I try this, please? I am so intrigued by all the variations. “

“Alright” , Vivienne agreed “But I am afraid that the top is missing so you’ll need to find something of your own to wear with it.”

Sarah and Becky chose outfits to try on and the girls disappeared into Jan’s bedroom to change.

Day to Night

Vivienne reappeared first in her pink suit with matching hat and briefcase. Then she whipped off the skirt and turned it inside out so reveal an evening outfit.

Items missing: pink and white clutch purse, pink and white heels and a pink scarf.

“This is a classic outfit from 1985,” Vivienne explained. “The suit jacket has the “power shoulders” that were typical of women’s workwear but by removing the jacket and reversing the skirt you can go from a day at the office to a night on the town.”

Pink & Pretty

Then it was Jan’s turn. Her outfit consisted of several pieces that could be worn in a variety of ways. “This is an interesting ensemble from 1982,” Vivienne told the girls. “As you can see Jan can wear the long cape as a skirt and the shorter one as a hat with either the long skirt or the pants.

Barbie & The Rockers Fashions

Becky had chosen an outfit which was very uncharacteristic of her style. Bright fluorescent colours are not what we usually associate with elegant Becky. “This is actually an outfit worn by one of the band members from Barbie and the Rockers around 1985; although I suppose it might have been appropriate at a disco as well.”

“She should probably have big hair and a lot more make up on too,” commented Sarah.

Missing: Yellow socks and orange sandals, silver mesh bandana/scarf

Western Style Fashions

Horse loving Sarah had picked a Western Style outfit. A floral bodysuit and long skirt. “If it were complete this would come with a fringed jacket and knee boots,” Vivienne explained. It’s a fashion from 1981.” “I did buy these white vintage knee boots if you want to try them on, Sarah.”

Missing: Reddish-brown fringed suede waistcoat, matching purse, knee-high brown boots and brown stetson style hat.

Best Buy Fashion

“Midge, would you like to try anything on?” Vivienne asked. “It doesn’t seem fair that you are doing all the work while we have fun trying on clothes. How about this pinafore. I don’t have the blouse that should go under it but here is a jumper you can wear it with.”

“I’ve actually had this for a while,” she told the other girls. “There should be a white blouse and a bandana in a matching fabric. It is from about 1971. Not an expensive piece but quite pretty. You can wear it with the vintage boots Sarah had on.”

Missing: Matching bandana and white shirt.

“This has been such fun,” said Jan. “I love hearing about these vintage styles and how you identify them, Vivienne.”

“Well I’ve always been interested in fashion,” Vivienne replied “and our mother was too so I learned a lot from her. I read books and magazines and of course, the internet is full of information if you take the time to look. If there is time and you are all interested,” she added “I did bring some other clothes. Most of them are not as old as these but I thought it might be fun to try them on.”

“Ooh yes,” Jan squealed. “Marty (Jan’s boyfriend) and I are going out for a meal tonight but he won’t be here till six-thirty so there is lots of time.”

Everyone was keen to see what else Vivienne had brought so after a short break for coffee they started looking at the rest of the clothes. We’ll see what they found next time.



  1. Lovely, loved Becky’s modern twist on the Rockers 80 style, the jacket brings out her eye color and the pants and trim her lips. Her bobbed hair is kinda beatle-esque so gives her a “timeless” Rock & Roll look. Sarah’s country style reminds me somewhat of some Sindy looks. Jan and Vivienne are so “pretty in pink” Makes me wish I had these fashions to see how Midge from the Dreamhouse gang might look, kinda Molly Ringwald-ish? Btw, Vivienne rocks the day-time look and kills in the evening look..Great fun! Awesome blog!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Some great outfits, modelled by your beautiful ladies. Sarah’s country style does look like some of Sindy’s outfits as Laurel said, and also Kelly’s (the M&S fashion doll also made by Pedigree) Looking forward to the next instalment.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Always a pleasure to see these fashion shows. What a difference in quality in Mattel clothing between the 1980s and now. I love all those short hairstyles, too.


  3. Love seeing the bobbed-haired sisters modeling vintage clothes. Becky is still my favorite. Having difficulties with site so keeping comments short.


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