Fashion Doll Friday: Paul in “And So To Bed”

Today’s Friday Guy is Paul who is wearing “And So To Bed”. His blue and white striped pyjamas are quite traditional looking except for the collarless neck opening. The matching robe is made of the same cotton material. This outfit originally came with open toe slippers, scuffs we call them.

I took the photos of Paul making his breakfast a few years ago but decided to use them as those props are now all packed up.



  1. Looks like Paul’s cooking up a good breakfast here! The photos are great. I have got Paul but I don’t have any of his authentic clothes. My male dolls all share clothes where possible but as with the girls, they are all shapes and sizes and not everything fits everyone (just like real life!)

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    • I have a few of Paul’s outfits but even Paul comes in two sizes. The last one made is so much smaller that he looks like a younger brother. Even the shoes don’t fit.


  2. Love this! My Paul is also baching it from the common close.A striped crème sweater and off white Jeans, no shoes. He and Sindy are still in Barbies pink car.I don’t have any real proper props yet maybe a sink, do you suppose he does dishes?


  3. Tell me about it ..I’ve got the smaller guy. (He swims in Ken stuff.) Some of the knock off stuff is o.k. as long as the legs are not tapered. (And when he sits even in a car it’s more of a slouch. (Is it considered bad form to cut down/tailor vintage stuff?) He might have to be a tailor made kinda guy, even when he’s chillin here in Cali.


    • Well it is your stuff so if you want to cut down his hems and take in his shirts who is to say you can’t. Of course we wouldn’t do it to minty stuff but if it has a bit of play wear anyway why not? At least he’d look better in it.


  4. I thought he was getting a late night snack at first. I suppose it’s because I get up very late on the days I am not working since I am not naturally an early riser. I often miss breakfast on work days because I hit the snooze button too much. I suppose he was having a traditional English breakfast of bacon and eggs. I hope it is not kippers like in Faulty Towers.


  5. I do bacon & eggs nearly daily, maybe my Britt ancestory. Loving the in the kitchen thing.Thinking of putting an apron on my mini hong kong Sindy to join Paul in the jody kitchen back round and my sink.btw where do you get your food/utensils sets?

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