My 2019 Doll Show Finds

Cat Doll and Doll House Boy

I had a couple of nice little finds at this years doll show. I usually go along with Vanda if I am not working or broke from spending too much money on other hobbies. My problem is I like and enjoy too many things at once. I usually go more for the teddy bears and this year I wanted to take James my Kiesewetter Petz bear to get his leg fixed. (We are both confident that James is a Petz bear.) 

We browsed a little but our first main stop was to get Teddy James and Pedigree Penny assessed by the Doll Hospital people who have a stall at the doll show every year. While James and Penny were in the capable hands of Dr Kitty and Dr Peter we browsed the stalls in the hall. 

I was hoping to see a few stalls with doll house supplies on them but there was only one this year. This was a bit of a disappointment as I had been looking forward to looking at any dollhouse treasures on offer. The one stall had some nice things including furniture and dolls. I don’t yet have any dolls suitable for The Beacon Hill so I was keen to buy some. The first pile of boxes contained expensive dolls costing $50.00. I did not want to blow $50.00 on just one doll. I had James undergoing repairs and I was still unsure of what it would cost so I had to keep some money in my purse to pay for him. There was a second box of loose dolls. These had been taken out of the boxes. Some of them had messy hair but they were in overall good condition. I was thinking they might be a little cheaper than the their boxed counterparts. I tried in vain to get the attention of the stall holders. There were at least three ladies manning this stall but none of them were remotely interested in their customers. They had their backs to the stall and were engaged in what must have been the gossip of the century. I think Vanda and I stood there for ten minutes or more before one of the ladies approached us. She was quite rude to say the least when I enquired about her dollhouse dolls. I can’t remember what she said but I didn’t particularly like the tone in which she spoke to me. She told me in no uncertain tones that the loose little girl doll with messy hair that I was interested in would still cost me $50.00. Well I placed her back in the box with the others I might have possibly bought if the price had been reduced. Not much in the way of show specials on their stall. I was going to walk away but there was one little boy doll of a less expensive brand but still very nice going for $10.00. I liked his blond hair and little sailor suit so I bought him despite the rudeness of the woman and her friends. We did not spend anymore time on their stall to see if there was anything else. I hope they had to pack the lot up at the end of the day and take it all home.  

We wandered about for a bit longer as there was still plenty to see while we waited for Teddy James to be repaired. I had been told he could be repaired that very afternoon. I enjoyed looking at some of the second hand dolls and of course all of the teddy bears. There were a lot of teddy bears this year but none of them were really saying “Please take me home with you” this year. Other years I have walked out with two or more. Hermie who I featured on the new Teddy page was one of these. While looking at one stall I spotted a lovely cat doll. I just loved the cat’s face. It was very appealing  and the seller didn’t want all that much for it either so I decided to get it. The cat is a rag doll but with a cat head and paws. It is quite realistic to look at. Here are some pictures.

A short time later it was time to go and pick up Teddy James. Nurse Kitty reattached his leg and replaced his broken growler. James can now speak and is never lost for words anymore. When I picked him up the other day he made a noise and it made me jump because I had forgotten he was no longer mute. I was very impressed with the Hobart Doll Hospital. They took so much care with their work and Kitty and Peter were so friendly and helpful to both of us. They were both very interested in James and Penny. They have a lot of respect for their customers as well as their little patients who depend on them to get well again. If you have a special doll or teddy that needs repairs it is worthwhile looking up doll hospitals. They do wonderful work and often perform miracles. I looked at a lot of before and after photos of some of their patients and you would think they were beyond repair at first glance. I plan to take another of my bears later for ear surgery. They have been put back on with cement of all things. Another “Dad” repair I suppose. Vanda took some photos of the doll hospital stall and they can been viewed in a previous post.  Here is my precious Teddy James.

Teddy James after his recent surgery

 I realise that James is a bear and not a doll but I wanted to show him to you because of his repairs at the doll hospital. His leg had come completely off and the pin that had been holding it on was rusted through. His growler no longer worked and I was interested to see the old one when it was pulled out. It was made of cardboard and it had collapsed into itself. The cardboard was very fragile and was disintegrating. I kept it as a souvenir. James has a new one made of plastic. These are made in Germany and Penny is getting a crier from the same company while she is being repaired.

So that was my day at the 2019 Doll Show.



  1. On the subject of the ladies at the stall with dolls house things, I realise that many of the stallholders are not in business but selling their own things or helping out a friend. That may have been the case with these ladies. However, as collectors, they should have realised that if something is taken out of the box and left sitting untidily on the table you can’t really charge the same price as for an NRFB one. They said that some customers the previous day had taken the dolls out of boxes to inspect. If that was the case they had plenty of time to tidy them up and return them to their boxes so they could be sold as MIB at least. The dolls were a well-known brand, I think they were Heidi Ott and I know they are not cheap but I thought it was poor service. Most of the stallholders I meet at doll shows are much more friendly and professional even if they do it for a hobby.

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  2. Yes I understood they were not a cheap brand and I don’t mind spending money to get a good quality product but they had horrible customer service. What was the point in having a stall if you are not going to help your would be customers.


  3. I think we have all run across vendors like the three women you describe, whether it’s at a doll show, a book sale, craft show, etc. I think of them as people who may love their hobby, but do not enjoy selling and are not “people persons”. It’s a shame these women were so rude to you, but your little sailor is adorable. Your cat doll is both unusual and charming.
    Teddy James looks pleased with his repairs. How wonderful to have a doll (& teddy!) hospital right at the show. Doll hospitals are so hard to find nowadays.

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  4. In my job I meet and greet and answer the phone and am definitely a people person. I always think “Treat people how you would like to be treated yourself” It’s a shame these women were so rude but that’s the public at large. If you’re looking after a stall the worst thing is to stand with your back to it and ignore the customers, otherwise why bother? At least you got your cute little sailor and the cat is adorable. Teddy James looks fantastic too and can tell you so as well.

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  5. I’m sure Teddy James is back in good form if he’s growling again, beyond adorable sailor, you are nicer than me I’d have put a “buyer beware” sign on their stand. I see some sellers get a little irritated when they’ve been asked to reduce something dozens of times , but really don’t booth up if you aren’t there to sell anything. I have bought items from Dave from T.v.’s S
    Storage Wars (the “YUP” guy),and he is represented as “grumpy” on the show. He is patient, thoughtful and has reasonable prices. Absolutely doesn’t ignor anyone,not a good idea anyway, what if someone walked off w/ their stuff when they weren’t looking? O.K. rant over..

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    • I could have taken an armful of stuff and they would not have noticed. I would not have been upset if they had been busy with someone else but I was the only customer they had. I hate rudeness from anyone and I really hate bad customer service. Mum insisted on good manners and taught the two of us well. We were taught manners at school and all of my employers have taught me good customer service. I don’t think it’s wrong to expect it from others. There is my rant for this morning and it’s not even 7am. Well cup of tea and off to boring work for the morning. I’m glad you found someone good to buy from.


  6. I have come across sellers like that at doll shows. They act like serving their customers is asking too much of them. There’s no excuse for being that rude in any case.

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