A Doll From My Childhood


This is Bridget a doll my father sent over for me from England. Vanda had one with dark hair and mine had pretty blonde hair. She used to have a checked pinafore dress with a pinky rose coloured puffed sleeved blouse. The dress was green and white checks. It unfortunately fell to pieces and could not be saved so I had to throw it out. She still has her original shoes and socks. I found this pretty second hand dress at a market and it fits her quite nicely but does need a little work on it. Bridget also needs a good clean as she is quite grubby so I will get to that as soon as I have some spare time. I think she has a very pretty face and I like her blue eyes. They are a really nice shade of blue. She still has her original mama crier but it doesn’t work very well. I was interested to see that it was made of plastic and was a rather nice tortoiseshell pattern. I also noticed her arms were quite loose so she will need then restrung. I guess I spent too much time making her walk and move about even though I didn’t actually play with her very much. She was so fancy I was afraid of messing her up when I first got her. So she may well have a trip to Dr Kitty in store when I take some of my teddy bears to get fixed.

Bridget is still very pretty
I bought her a dress at the market
Original shoes and socks
Bridget mid to late 60s




  1. Bridget looks like you looked after her very well. Her hair is still nice and tidy and her eyes are the most amazing blue. I bet she is pleased with her new dress.

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