The Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Update

Here is a quick update on my Beacon Hill project. I hadn’t been able to do much during August as I had a friend staying with me most of the month. This week I managed to get back to it and I have almost finished putting the primer on the outside of the house. It looks quite different now it is all white. I am currently putting a second coat of primer on the house to ensure maximum protection. The next job will be to decide on some colours for the outside of the house. I have some ideas but have not made up my mind yet. For now here are some more photos I took today of the house both inside and out. I don’t think I showed the inside last time so here it is.

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So you can see there is still a lot of work to be done to this house. It is probably the biggest project I have ever undertaken and is also one I have never attempted before. Later this week I will be sorting through a box containing all sorts of things I bought for this house years ago now. I can’t remember what is in it so will be very interesting to see what is inside the box. Could be a future post and you might get a sneak preview of what some of the furnishings will be like if I still decide to use them. That’s it for today. I will be back with more later.



  1. It’s a primer made by Taubmans that I got from Bunnings. I’ve used up half of it so I should make it last while I paint the second coat over the outside of the house.


  2. It’s an amazing house and it will be interesting watching it progress. At least you can choose all your own colours for both inside and outside. I can imagine the outside with cream/beige walls, reddish brown roof and black or dark brown window frames. Good luck with it and keep us all posted.

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  3. Beautiful house. It must be a challenge to build it. I love the staircase and all of the moldings that finish the inside rooms. It will be fun to decorate it!

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