Reblog: T. Cohn Tin Dollhouse

This is such a nice tin litho dolls house that I thought  our readers might enjoy seeing it too. Original post found on “Crazy Doll Lady”, by Iphis of Scyros

Crazy Doll Lady

Since I mentioned this last time, I’m finally remembering to get a post up about my tin dollhouse.  I bought this at the same time as the new shelves I got way back in October, as shown in my post about Odile.

So, here’s the back of the house.  There are some detail shots in the gallery, but this is the only full shot, from before I moved it to its current position on a computer desk (displacing the monitor of the 21 year old computer I haven’t used in more than ten years but can’t bring myself to get rid of) where the back can’t be seen anymore.  The lithos on the outside of the house are very nice, though, aren’t they?  The roof does have a bit of a warped spot, but it’s nothing serious.  And actually I could probably bend it back into shape if I…

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