Fashion Doll Friday: Pedigree Patch

Today’s Friday Girl is my blonde Patch. She has featured as a Friday girl before but the photo was not especially good so it was time for a do-over.

Patch is wearing two original outfits that are often combined. The little check pinafore dress is called “Home For The Day”, the black jumper and tights are called “Easy Life”. No shoes came with this outfit as far as I know and in any case, they would not fit over the rather thick tights.



  1. Patch is so cute with that look of mischief! I don’t generally collect the child dolls, unless I find them in a charity shop. I found a Skipper doll for £1 like that and she is a rare European issue! I can’t afford Patch on Ebay but I would buy her in a charity shop. I do have a doll called Jennie who is very similar to Patch. She was made by Denys Fisher in the 1970s and was advertised as “Jennie, my best school friend” Patch’s dungarees fit her perfectly. she is on my photo in the Reader’s Gallery handing a present to Mum on “Baby Party” She could easily pass for a little sister to Kenner’s Dusty.

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  2. She is still on my wish-list but as I am boxing/binning my dolls while I rehab a rescue kitty (who was never out of a cage in 5 years) I want him to roam where he will ,so 95% of my displays are put away.
    I adore Patches outfit!! I love black and white herringbones and tweeds, or navy. As I’ve seen the whole suits/Annie Hall being revised here it’s what I plan buying in 2020. I have lost several patch listings but hope to get lucky some day..enjoy your little treasure! Great blog!

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    • Patch is pretty expensive usually, She is a bit cheaper in the UK but then there is the shipping. Good luck with your rescue kitty, poor thing should be able to have some freedom to roam the house.


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