A Rainy Afternoon in the Doll Room

 As I was checking our blogs this evening I noticed that today’s post was the 900th post on the blog. I thought that it would be fun to share an old post I wrote back in September of 2013 and update it a little bit. Here it is:

10 September 2013

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a couple of months so today I decided that a return to wet wintry weather was a good excuse to take some new photos in the doll room.

The dolls I’m going to show you today are a mixed bunch that came from op shops, garage sales and eBay. I’m planning a page on Canadian dolls and some of them were taken with this in mind but also to show how they looked when I got them.

My Biggest Doll

I spotted her when Naomi and I went to the Sunday morning market held at the Showgrounds at Glenorchy.  I wondered if she was an Ideal Patty Playpal as I didn’t know who else made such large dolls and I was sure she wasn’t an English doll. She wasn’t though. She was a bit of a sight, dressed in an old  T-shirt that was too big for her.

image large doll
This is how she looked when I first saw her.

As she didn’t appear to be in too bad condition I asked how much she was and was told $15 which I felt was not a bad price for such a large doll. After giving it some thought I decided to buy her.

When I got her back to Naomi’s place where I was spending the weekend, I examined her more thoroughly and discovered that her biggest issue, which I hadn’t noticed at the market was that there were big holes in the heels of her feet. However, I decided that footwear would cover that fault and other than that she was not in bad shape.

While we were at the market I visited a stall selling dolls clothes and bought a dress that I felt would fit her and some child’s underwear. Later on, after various attempts to find a pair of shoes that would fit her, I found that I had a pair of knitted baby booties that I’d bought somewhere and they fitted perfectly and even went well with the dress.

Regal doll dressed
Dressed in her new clothes.

I don’t know a great deal about her but she stands 36 inches or about 90cm tall and she is marked Regal Dolls so I know that she is from Canada.

Another Op Shop Dolly

This doll is another one that Naomi found for me, I can’t remember now if she was from a garage sale or the local Op Shop but Naomi thought I would like her and she was cheap so she got her for me.

Image doll by DeeGee
DeeGee when I got her

image doll by DeeGeeI immediately liked her cute face and rather surprised expression. When I had a look for markings I found DeeGee, Canada. So far I haven’t been able to find out anything about that company but I did think that her face was a very similar shape to another Canadian doll I have by Star.

Update: Since writing this I think that the mark may actually be Dee Cee. The company used variations of their name over the years. including doll marks D&C, D & C, Dee an Cee, Dee and Cee, Dee & Cee. They were bought out by Mattel in 1962

Here is Dee Gee tidied up. Dee Gee is about 18 inches or 45 cm tall.



image Dee Gee doll redressed
Dee Gee “After”

I can’t remember where I got this little doll marked “Star”, Canada. She was bought a long time ago. Star operated from 1952-1970 in Toronto. I’d say this one was from the early to mid-1960s as she is very similar to the British dolls we owned around that time. I still haven’t got around to making her an outfit.

Image doll by Star Canada
Doll by Star Doll Company. Similarly shaped face to Dee Gee.

Loved by their previous Owners

Here are a couple of dolls who arrived in outfits that had been made especially for them by some loving mum or grandma probably. A lot of the dolls I get come wearing no clothes or clothes that don’t fit them or suit them so I do a lot of swapping around but these two I decided to leave just as they were.

image doll
Is she a Princess? Or maybe a Bridesmaid? Anyway, she has a pretty dress, stockings, slippers and even jewellery.

image doll close upShe does have a little discolouration around her chin, too much raspberry cordial perhaps. I haven’t tried to remove it so far. “Princess” as I have nicknamed this doll is about 18 inches tall and yes, she is Canadian too as she is marked, Regal.

This next doll I’ve nicknamed Annie because she reminds me of the little girl in the musical. Annie is made by Evergreen, a Hong Kong company. I don’t know how old she is but I’m thinking she might be the late 60s or early 70s. Annie is also about 18 inches tall.

image doll
Annie in the knitted outfit she arrived in.

The funny thing about Annie is her hair. I don’t know if this was the way she left the factory or if some hairdressing accident happened to her but you can see two distinct colours in the back and front.


image doll hair
Annie’s hair seen from the back.

September 13, 2019

All of these dolls are still living with me although apart from the big Regal girl you might only spot them in the background of display shelves. One day I do plan to give them all a bit more TLC. A wash, maybe shampoo and dry and another outfit. My other Canadian doll, Margaret, is wearing a red and white outfit and I have been toying with the idea of making a red and white outfit for the little Star doll.

Margaret is another twenty inch baby doll.


  1. The doll that you’ve identified as DeeGee is probably a Dee an Cee doll, although I don’t know which one. The Dee an Cee Toy Company Ltd. operated in Canada from 1938 to 1964, although it was sold to Mattel in 1962. The Dee and Cee comes from the first letters of the last names of the original owners: Max Diamond and Morris Cone. Your Dee an Cee is a real cutie. 🙂


    • I have another Dee and Cee and had thought that might be the case asI know that company used variations of its logo but I had not been able to specifically identify this one. She is cute anyway.


  2. I have a lovely black doll from Reliable toys in Canada I believe she is from 1969. Hard plastic body and legs with vinyl or rubber arms and head. I would love any help in finding other models. She has developed a crack in her back and knee. Do you have any suggestions for repair and conditioning her materials? She’s about 16″ tall with baby curls legs. Amber eyes which close.


    • Hi Heather, I’m sorry I somehow missed your comment on an old post. Is there a dolls hospital in your area who you could consult. I imagine that they probably use some kind of filler in the cracks and then repaint. I will be asking this question when I go to pick up my Pedigree Walker from the Hobart dolls hospital because I have a couple of cracked ones myself. Reliable dolls seem to come up on eBay pretty often but I think the black ones would be rarer.


  3. Great to revisit things. Congrats on the 900th blog! I am revisiting some dolls as well as I bin things up, do a reboot on my doll room. Plus a (new to me) kitty/rescue. I love all the 50/60-ish dolls. I really needed a break from the bagging and tagging bit too. Sad to say I don’t really know how many dolls/figures I have as stored dolls get rotated for display. I am just starting on photos. I have identified so many dolls from both your and linked blogs. What a tremendous help/joy this is!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you have found our blog useful. I honestly don’t know how many dolls I have either. Maybe when they are unpacked at a new location I will try to count them and do all those recording things I tell other people to do.


  4. Margaret is the doll I found at “The Dead Toy Shop” I picked up a few dolls and teddies from there because I hated seeing them there looking dirty and unloved.

    Liked by 1 person

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