Big Bag of Dolls.

A Bargain Centre Find

I often wander into the Bargain Centre to see what treasures I can find. It is only two doors down from where I live on the High Street so why not. I usually go in there to look at the bric a brac, old books and to see if there are any old dolls or teddies hiding among the newer stuff. Oatlands is an old community so there often is hidden treasure. I love my little treasure hunts and need no excuse to go in any op shop or to visit a market. I just love it. Garage sales are fun too but they don’t seem to turn up as much old stuff as they used to do. I think it’s because so many people are flogging it off online these days. But anyway I am getting off track. I did find something the other day. There were bags of dolls for sale for six bucks. I thought it was pretty cheap as there were quite a few dolls in each bag and most of them were older but not antique or worth a lot of money. I don’t really hunt down valuable things but if something happens to come to me it’s a bonus. I just look for things I like or that Vanda might like. These dolls look to be late sixties or early seventies. Some of them are pretty ugly bugglies but there were a few nice ones in the bag I got. They would make an interesting post if nothing else. So I will be taking these to Vanda when I visit her next Friday. She can ID them all and fix them up. After that she can do what she likes with them as they will be hers except for the baby which I wanted to keep. Most of them seem to have Made in Honk Kong on the back which does date them. A couple had makers names. I’ll leave it to Vanda to update you on what they are. I don’t have specs and my magnifying glass is not a lot of help. Here are the dolls in their present “found in” condition.

Pile of dolls I picked up for a few bucks at the Bargain Centre.
Baby doll I decided to keep for myself
One I thought Vanda might like for herself
This one might look quite nice if fixed up and dressed


  1. Looks like a fine mystery bag, all sweet. I think a certain part of my collection is defined by “made in Hong Kong”, The little Mowry (sp)? gal is extra sweet w/ her charming costume and no shoes to loose! Fun stuff!

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    • I bet they will all be glad of a tidy up and some clothes. I do feel sorry for dolls who end up naked in a charity shop. Dolls are rarely sold with no clothes, I always wonder what happened to their original outfits they came in. I’m guessing some may be sixties as they have the head and neck together as one which is then attached to the body (like Tammy and early Sindy)

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