Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Happy Family Grandpa 2003

I am always surprised when I find a doll who has not been featured on Fashion Doll Friday before. After so many years I feel like you must have seen nearly all of my dolls although there are still many of Naomi’s you have yet to meet.

Today’s Friday Guy is Mattel’s Happy Family Grandpa, the father of Midge and grandfather of Ryan, Nikki and however many more children Mattel have given Midge and Allan.

Grandpa Hadley has distinguished silver hair, blue eyes and a few lines and wrinkles which give his face character. His arms are articulated but his legs are not.



  1. I love his outfit! I think mine is the version w/ a sweater. Wish I could find a really soft recliner for him to read a book to grandkids, and some 1:6 scale reading glasses. I have tried a Santa jacket on him but as he’s so trim he needed padding. He’s an all season guy looking just as well in beachwear.

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    • I have his outfit somewhere but had put him into this one for some reason, there is a tuxedo style jacket I think. I thought that the braces were a nice touch although he probably should have a flannelette shirt and maybe a cardigan.


      • Grandpa looks smart in his outfit and a great photo, outside his shed. I haven’t managed to find Grandpa yet. I do have Grandma, she was a lucky find by my Mum and Dad in a charity shop. Mum recognised her as “being from the Barbie range”

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