The Four Mary’s Part Two: The Two Marys

Today I’d like to share another paper doll book featuring a doll or dolls called Mary. Naomi brought these over yesterday for me to photograph. This one is confusingly called “The Two Mary’s”. I say confusing because there are four dolls and I have no idea which two are Mary.

This book is a reproduction set. The originals were published by Merrill in 1950. The set features two adult dolls and two little girls. The reproduction does not come with notes so I don’t know if they are mother and daughter or big and little sister sets. I don’t know if the two adults are Mary or the two little girls. My money would be on the children.

It’s not a large set, only a few outfits for each pair of dolls but they are quite nice. They have nightwear, streetwear, party dresses and western-style clothing. Here are the girls and their outfits.



  1. If they were mothers and daughters they could all be Mary. Two Mary mums passing on the name to two mary daughters. Confusing but a possibility. What if they had made paper dolls of the Four Mary’s from the English Bunty comics?

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      • It reminds me of school. There were two girls in my class, both called Karen. They were best friends and known as “the two Karens” Both their surnames began with G which made more confusion. In the same class, there were also four boys, all called Mark. Funny how certain names were so popular, my sister’s name is Sarah and was one of three Sarahs in her class. (This was back in the 1970s)

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      • I think that happened a lot in the sixties and seventies. I remember being in classes with multiple Marks, Steven’s, Debbie’s and Susans. I suppose it was more common to use family names then rather than looking for something new and different. However, I have always been the only Vanda in any class or workplace I’ve been in.


  2. Just saw this. Darling book of paper dolls. I loved my paper dolls growing up and could play with them for hours. I also liked making my own from people cut from catalogs and magazines.
    I was a Linda and Lindas were several deep in classes at school when I went. Linda was so mid century.

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