Collecting and Climate Change

This piece on Jenjoy’s All Dolled Up Page is worth thinking about. I love  being a collector and although I would never give it up I think her suggestions about ways to collect responsibly are worth considering. I have gone down this road myself because firstly I love vintage dolls and secondly I am finding fewer brand new ones that I like at my price point. I won’t buy them if I don’t love them.
I like to think I have saved a few Op Shop dolls from going in the bin by cleaning them up. At least they get one more “go round”, maybe more.
It would be nice if less plastic was used in packaging. I really liked the Mikelman habit of selling dolls in a cardboard box with the doll secured with a ribbon. I never like those plastic ties especially the ones in their heads that you have to snip without cutting hair.

Jenjoy's All Dolled Up Page

Last week’s global Strike For Climate (and the continuing strikes this weekend) has got me thinking more about the impact of collecting on the environment.  It’s something that crosses my mind often.  I spend a lot of time trying to reduce waste and recycle and reuse things and I often feel the well, I suppose, hypocrisy, of my collections, when consumerism and commercialism are huge factors in global warming.  Every time I walk the toy aisles lately, I feel a little sad and, I have to confess guilty, at the mountains of plastic on sale.  So, I thought this week I’d look at some possible ideas for reducing the impact of collecting dolls on the planet.

1 Stop buying new dolls.

Yeah, I know it sounds a bit extreme and somewhat defeats the purpose of collecting, but it would solve a lot of problems.  I’m not likely to do it…

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  1. Thank you so much for raising this important topic. I have also thought about this a lot and I’m sure many other collectors have as well. I have a big box of dolls ready for new homes and hope to put them up for adoption on social media soon. The recycling issue is also really important.

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  2. Recycling is a big thing here so that was a no-brainer for me. I know packaging may be an issue but that is something we should write to various Makers about. Mattel changed what they were making their dolls out of because of feed -back from Joe public. Our voice counts. I think it’s vital to have almost an advocate for our collections, past present &future..someone who knows what it is, and what is to be done with the items when the person is gone or unable to manage it any more. This year I bought an item from the collection of a person who passed, It was a large collection to be sure. It made me wonder what we all do to manage our own collections. Plus certainly how WE value our “stuff” verses others.
    I have recycled a lot of packaging, from new dolls, but also a lot from e-ay taped,re-used boxed,bubble wrapped wrappings. I have been and will be doing more “local” buying, less e-bay, and I do/have been choosy what I buy new (packaging).Rehoming and swapping is great ,and I include clothing verses so much “packing” material. I know with exchanging so much good ideas and information we can manage to increase awareness and good, better and best, ways to enjoy and enrich not just for us but others.


  3. I usually save bubble wrap and cardboard boxes as I know I can reuse them. I often think about what will become of our collections when Naomi and I are gone. I would not want them to end up in landfill although that’s not only because of the waste aspect. I think your suggestion of lobbying Mattel and other makers to use better packaging material is a good one and I might think about a letter I can write to them.


  4. I was just looking up Mattel’s contact details. and thought this might be an appropriate address to write to.

    For all issues related to corporate responsibility, please contact

    However, if anyone has any other useful addresses eg. the CEO or contact details for other companies, Hasbro for example. Feel free to add them in comments and I might add them to a page for reference.


  5. Thanks, it would be great if feedback was from collectors who not only buy the new stuff but rescue the second hand and abandoned. I actually like a lot of their dolls, old and new, but wonder if they could rethink some of the fashions & accessories.

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