Op Shop Dolls: Unwrapped

Today I thought I’d show you the fashion dolls from the last batch I cleaned up. I was quite pleased with how they came out although as I said most of them were only dirty and untidy.

Here are the ballerinas. These two were just grubby but otherwise in good condition. They are actually not very old, they are from the Fairytale Ballerina series this year. They have coloured legs, moulded on shoes and clothing. Originally they had removable tutus which were of course lost. Blonde Barbie had pink and Brunette had mauve. I found them a couple of pretty dresses from the Op Shop stash and that’s all I had to do for them.

Next, we have the Fashionista doll who was just dirty. I’ve been trying to ID her and I believe she is Teresa from the 2014 wave who wore a mauve dress. See what you think.


Next is our Barbie with big hair. She is marked 1976 on her head and Made in Indonesia on her back. I posted her picture on an Australian Facebook site for collectors of Superstar era dolls to see if anyone recognised her and got the reply back that she is Earring Magic Barbie from 1992. Now that surprised me because although I was sure she was early 90s Earring Magic Barbie had a fringe. Still, she checks out in other ways, colouring, eyes, earrings so it is possible that the fringe was brushed back. I might have to mess with her hair a bit more to see if there are more short bits. I just assumed she had a trim. The person who gave the ID is well respected for his accuracy amongst the group.

Barbie had a couple of small issues. Her legs were very splayed out so I dunked them in boiling water and then tied them together with an elastic bandage for a few hours. I think they are less bent out of shape now but it probably wouldn’t hurt to do it again. Whether I do or not will depend on her fate, hardly worth it if she goes back to the Op Shop. Barbie also had a wobbly neck. As her head was nice and soft from her cleanup I popped it off. Nothing was broken but sometimes they just get loose. I wrapped a couple of the tiny rubber bands I used for hair styling around the base of her neck knob. It didn’t seem to help so as I did not have any larger rubber bands I took one of the balloons from the bag on the dolly trolley and cut some strips to make rubber bands. I think I used two and that did the trick. Sorry I didn’t take a photo before I put her head back on. When we were discussing this in comments on the previous post, Laurel mentioned that she has used fishing line for this job so you could try that if you have any around the house.

The skipper who was wrapped in duct tape still has some issues with her hair. I’ll have to try to get it to lie flat or give her a headband. Both the Skippers are the same doll I believe. The only one I could find who has two-tone blonde and brunette hair is Skipper from “The Great Puppy Adventure” 2018. Two Skippers were released but as far as I can tell, apart from wearing different outfits the are the same. I do prefer this unsmiling Skipper to the present one who looks a bit cartoonish to me.

I managed to find something in the Op Shop bag for them to wear. In fact, one Skipper has pinched Jo Jo Siwa’s jacket. I would not have recognised that if I hadn’t had Jo Jo home for a tidy up recently. Unfortunately, it’s too late for her to get her jacket back now as she has been sold. Sorry, Jo Jo.



  1. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do. They all look beautiful. I wish our charity shops would tidy dolls up a bit before they go on sale, even just combing their hair would be good. I just got a male doll yesterday for £1.49, mainly for his clothes – jeans, a white T-Shirt and shoes! You and Naomi have rightly pointed out how hard it is to get casual clothes for the men, it’s nearly always beachwear and tuxedoes. The doll I got is Louis from One Direction. I’ve decided to keep him as well. As he’s a doll of a real person, he has a different look rather than the standard Ken molds. Another one for the girls to hang out with.

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    • Poor Ken is often called the ultimate accessory to Barbie and in the beginning he had a matching outfit for most of hers. I know that Mattel don’t stress the boyfriend part as much now but you’d think that Ken would have more matching fashions to keep up with the girls or do they only hang out at the beach and have him on hand to take them to the Prom?

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  2. You and your friend were spot on for Barbie! When her hair isn’t crimped and her fringe/bang is either pushed up she looks so different,as her bangs start above the hairline this is easy to disguise. The earring and eye marks are perfect. Your fashionista is a near match for one I have as was one of your Ballerinas (faces). Mine has the molded body/costume but not the ballet arms or molded shoe’s, (wish she did), loose them too easily. I had to laugh about the Ken as an accessory bit, as I was sorting Prince Kens into the right outfits, there were enough to get the right look if not the exact doll. Also I hadn’t realized how many AA Princes had the same face-mold and wished I had a few to use as it would have simplified things.

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