Fashion Doll Friday: Sparkle Beach Christie 1995

Today’s Friday Girl has been identified by Timmy Simpson of the Facebook Group Australian Collectable Barbie 1973-2000 as being Sparkle Beach Christie. After looking at some photos I think he nailed it although she is not wearing the correct earrings. I’ve had this doll for many years now and for most of that time she has been wearing the red dress in the top right photo. I decided on a change but I like her in red so now she has the red gown from “Barbie for President 2000”. Apparently, there were two versions of this doll, one with very long hair like this and the other with shorter hair, probably the normal Barbie length. I normally don’t like excessively long hair on dolls and often cut it but in this case, I didn’t because I didn’t want to mess her up.

Until now this doll has never had a name so as I had been watching “The Good Place”, I decided to name her Tahani.



  1. Tahani is beautiful and looks amazing in red. The AA girls always look good in reds oranges and yellows I think. I have a Christie doll with the same face mold as Nichelle, the Generation Girl, who I also have. I’m always dressing them in reds and yellows. Do you have Disney Belle’s yellow satin ballgown? They look amazing in it.


  2. I have a very loved /rescue that had her hair severely cut and I put her in beach-wear. never tried her in the 2000 red dress as it was being shared by both versions of the presidency dolls. As the AA version looks so well in the blue suit I might try that one as well. I also love putting my AA gals in purple and some greens/jewel-tones.It’s like seeing a before pic to see her so posh. Great Fdf!

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    • I am still learning myself. Some people can pick them even if they are out of their original outfits and with hair restyled just by thngs like the number of eyelashes or dots in an eye. It is amazing.


  3. So not there yet! Thanks to Blogs like yours though I’ve Identifies so many of my rescues. I was so tempted to get todays gal w/ the long hair , and it was a steal at $8.34(ea.) MIB w/ shipping, down side was You have to buy six! Still not sure as I know I can use 3 as donations and a third as a gift for a new collector I know. Do I de-box one to play/style w/ and keep one boxed? Feels like being at a swap meet, ..when I see duplicates, if you love something is it o.k. to have duplicates?

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      • I passed, I finally won Alice and Mad Hatter on E-bay and Fern of Charlottes web, doesn’t it always happen when you are not looking for them.. I will restyle them and a Davy Crocket I’m working on. Plus my Cher witch fell off a shelf and had to have an arm glued on.


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