Op Shop Barbies

Just a quick post today to show you the Barbies I took back to the shop the other day. I decided to bag each with a couple of spare outfits. I didn’t get around to photographing the other dolls I finished tidying but will try to take some photos on Saturday at the sale if I can.

I have tried to give each doll a ball gown and some casual wear. All the outfits had been donated. I just washed, mended in a couple of cases and mixed and matched (the fun part).



  1. So nice to see all the dolls looking so well-groomed and matched up with all those pretty outfits. Your time and effort will make some little children very happy. And you had the pleasure of putting together the extra outfits. 🙂

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  2. I would have been Thrilled to buy any of your ladies,though I’m trying to keep to my last top twenty list , for buying. I will need some creative options for Alice and Mad Hatter who I could only afford nude. I like your idea of including extra stuff w/ the dolls. Fashion is such a part of doll play.

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    • I think so and there is nowhere local you can buy dolls clothes so unless mum or gran makes clothes the dolls won’t have any and I think it is important for kids to experience that part of doll play.

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  3. I wish they were in our charity chops. The hardest decision would be which one to buy! It’s really hard to find dolls clothes these days. In our town we haven’t even got a proper toy shop (or department in a shop either) It’s a sign of the times. Kids just want mobile phones and ipads now.

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    • There are no toy shops in my little town either although Huonville 20km away has toys in at Shiploads, a discount store. The nearest proper toy shop is in Hobart. We sometimes get mums or grans ask us if we have dolls clothes at the Op Shop. We don’t very often, every now and again some pieces come in with dolls but I have been taking most of it home to dress the rescue dolls in. One time I took a nice box I had at home and put donated clothes in it but the next time I came in I found that other volunteers had sold the lot including the box which I meant to keep there and refill so we’d always have some dolls clothes in. I didn’t bother after that but like to make up the sets of dolls and clothes.

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  4. You did a great job matching the dolls and sets of outfits. Nearly all the dolls on sale in our charity shops are nude with matted hair, I’ve rescued many in my time. Luckily the collectibles shop that I visit has boxes with dolls clothes all individually bagged and priced so that’s where I tend to get most of my stuff, sometimes off EBay if I want a particular thing.

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    • Most Op Shops I’ve been in sell them that way. I just can’t stand to see them like that which is why I started cleaning them myself. I especially hate when an inked one comes in and I know it will go in the bin if I don’t fix it. That’s how it started actually, a cloth bodied baby with a blue face which turned out to be washable marker. I just hate waste.


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