Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Black Basics #10

Our Friday Girl today is another of my Black Basics Barbies, number 10. I have to admit that I like her better than #8 because of her expression. A lot of smiling Barbies look a bit too smiley if you know what I mean but this girl has a natural smile. She just looks happy.

There was some controversy over this particular doll when she was released because of the plunging neckline on her dress. Later dolls were issued with a much more modest neckline

Today, however, she is wearing a 1999 Fashion Avenue Australian exclusive issue outfit from the designers of Australian fashion brand Saba, founded by Joe Saba.



  1. Wow, fabulous outfit on a beautiful doll. I love the pink/orange colour scheme. How fashion has changed. When I was a child you never wore pink and orange together and “blue and green should never be seen” was often said. Now it’s wear what you like. Quite right too! Always look forward to Fashion on Friday.

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