Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Tutti 1967

Today’s Friday Girl is little Tutti, Barbie’s long lost younger sister. I have two Tutti dolls. This is the first one I bought, brunette like the one I had as a child. She has discoloured a little as these dolls do and I must give her hair a restyle one day but she is not too bad on the whole.

Tutti is dressed for spring in Tasmania with a tagged Tutti raincoat over a summer dress and rain boots. The dress is the one that the second issue of Tutti was packaged in.


  1. She is a sweet little doll, cute outfit as well. I mainly just collect the teenage dolls but I do have Skipper, Kevin, Jennie and Penny Brite (charity shop finds again) Shame Mattel never did a Mom and Dad like Tammy had. Barbie has lots of siblings but no parents!

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    • I really liked the idea of the parent dolls when I was a child although I don’t know if Tammy’s parents were ever sold in the UK or here. I doubt it. It’s always seemed odd to me that Barbie has all these sisters who she seems to have sole care of. Where are their parents? How irresponsible are they having all these kids and they are never around (too busy planning the next one?)


      • Yes, I have these, they were very popular which does make you wonder why Mattel never gave Barbie a “real” mum and dad when she has so many sisters.


  2. I always wondered if Barbie had a “dirty lil secret” and these were her babies and her mum claimed them so she could continue in school..I have heard such stories in the course of doing genealogy. I love the Tutti and Todd Jody dolls they are so sweet.

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