Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Reproduction Bubblecut Barbie

Today’s Friday Girl has been featured before but not recently. She is my reproduction Bubblecut Barbie. The two fashions she is wearing are an OOAK sixties style sheath dress and cartwheel hat made by Lyn Scantlebury. I don’t know if Lyn still sells on eBay but she made some very nice things. The second fashion is, of course, Silken Flame. This is a reproduction of the original. This was on the top of my childhood wish list. I just loved this dress.



  1. Beautiful doll and two fabulous outfits. If only they still made this type of quality! My Fashion Queen Barbie looks very similar to this when she has on the brunette wig. She is my oldest Barbie doll. I wish I could make things to this standard but I haven’t got the patience (or the time!)

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    • No nor have I which is why I love to collect vintage or reproduction fashions. And remember, these fashions were made for children to play with, not collectors. What does that tell you?


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