Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Bend Leg Skipper 1965-66

Today’s Friday Girl is Naomi’s vintage bend-leg Skipper. This Skipper was first issued in 1965 wearing a blue swimsuit with a red and white stripe insert. She is essentially the same as the first Skipper buy made of a different type of vinyl from my older Skipper which gives her a pinker skin tone. Her legs now bend at the knees.

Skipper is wearing a yellow dress that looks like it might be handmade and a pair of Skipper shoes. Skipper has some damage to her feet which look as if they have been glued back together so I’m being very careful with her.



  1. Yes poor Skipper is in rough condition. I hope to get a better one someday. She got all faded in the front rooms like some of my others which is why I am now so fussy about light in display rooms.

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  2. I love these well loved dollies, so much character, I have put more nylons or tights on dollies w/ loose or broken joints etc..and they are some of my favorites. All the chewed hands get gloves, the balding heads hats, and because most of mine come nude they end up w/some pretty funny outfits.So glad to see you love these sweet little treasures too.

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  3. Skipper looks lovely in her cute yellow dress and has obviously been well loved. Although it’s nice to have mint boxed dolls as well, it’s a shame they were never taken out and loved by someone. I have a Skipper doll I found in a charity shop and after researching, I found she’s great shapes Skipper, but a rarer European version with green/blue forward facing eyes.She would have had a green and yellow leotard, leggings etc. Mine was wearing a pink and yellow swimsuit when I bought her. At least she wasn’t nude. I do feel sorry for all these poor dolls sold with no clothes. I always wonder what happened to their original outfit.


    • The girls at the Op Shop had a big bunch of Barbies donated last week, one of them called me to ask how to get ink off them. I hope someone will at least wash them and tidy their hair before they go on sale.


  4. You know you can bring the colour back to her face with some acrylic paint. I’ve done that with some faded or yellowed dolls like her. Mix up a colour close to her regular skin tone. Probably a mix of pink and yellow,maybe some white will do. Really water it down and rub a little at a time in with your finger. Go around her face paint. Be careful if using red acrylic though. The cheaper stuff tends to bleed where it isn’t wanted,so you could ruin her face paint.

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  5. Some model paint is pretty close to the skin-tones I repainted one of two white faced Buck Rogers with something I found in a hobby shop w/ model planes and cars, I took the doll to match it and it was pretty close.

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    • Doesn’t that dry hard and shiny though? the advantage to the watered down acrylic is that it’s almost like water colours.It’s also removable if you change your mind or think you’ve used too much.Model paint used to be oil based,but I’m not sure it still is. If so, it would stain the vinyl and soak in,with no chance to go back.


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