Fashion Doll Friday: Lots of Boxes

The dolls are in here somewhere

This is the scene in one of our downstairs rooms at the moment. All the dolls are in here somewhere but at the moment I can’t get to the fashion dolls so you will have to bear with me while I try to unbury them.



  1. We’re not moving, but I’ve boxed up about 40 dolls to add to all of Kaity’s dolls which were already boxed, so now we have maybe a dozen crates with dolls? I wish I knew what to DO with them. Kaitlin has the same problem. She has no idea what to do with them either. I’m beginning to think “Salvation Army.” Maybe a collector will wander in and think she’s gone to heaven.


    • A lot of doll collectors do go to thrift shops and I know they would be thrilled to see your dolls there. Here in Tasmania you rarely find op shops that have nice dolls and at the one I worked at there was not really the room to display them safely. I gave three of my big dolls to one of our regular customers who always buys dolls because I preferred they go to someone who would take care of them than to the shop where I knew their hair and clothes would be wrecked and they ran the risk of getting broken by children. I know there are doll shows and dealers where you might be able to sell them but it might be a lot of hassle to arrange. I do have a couple of thoughts about what you might do but I”ll write to you about that later.


  2. I’m one of the collectors who goes to thrift shops for dolls. I’m finding that dolls (and toys in general) are getting fewer and fewer. Todays children only want things like ipads and mobile phones, they don’t seem to want to play with proper toys and use their imagination like we did. I’m lucky enough to have a little collectibles shop where I can source lots of great dolls, clothes and accessories. I’ve never managed to get to a doll show yet, I’d be like a kid in a sweet shop! I hope you have fun opening all the boxes and rediscovering all your treasured dolls.

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    • This is just what we often talk about that kids seem to want electronic things at such an early age and seem to grow out of traditional toys so young. I think parents and older siblings take some blame for this. Parents use the phone to pacify a baby the way they once would have given them keys to jingle. Young kids are encouraged to get rid of their toys because “You’re too old for that.” It’s sad.


  3. Unpacking the dolls will probably be more fun than packing them :). A move is so stressful and a lot of hassle, I hope everything goes smooth and easy, and that you will be able to enjoy your new home soon 🙂

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  4. Hope you and Naomi and your dolls find endless years of peace, joy and fun in your new home. Moving is a big upheaval but it’s worth it.


  5. I am so fortunate to have great nieces who still Love dolls! I used to rescue some from thrift shoppes and Swapmeets and a few Salvation army stores.Now it’s Garage sales, and fewer will make their way to me in 2020, I seriously have no idea how many I have so will be trying to figure that out. I think your pic w/ stuff all boxed up is awesome, maybe I will try that, pack the lot then rotate and take pics. I’m so excited for you all..Can’t wait to see what shakes loose!


  6. When it comes to the x-mas stuff the dolls come out first, then I fit the other stuff around them. So that would work for me, but never enough space for Dollhouses .Hope you can get it worked out the way that gives you space .More Fun stuff

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