Fashion Doll Friday: We’re Back Baby!

I was determined to have some new photos for Fashion Doll Friday and yesterday while moving boxes around I came to my boxes of fashion dolls. This morning I decided to open one at random and it turned out to be the one with some of my favourite modern girls. Becky and Vivienne, Midge and Jan and a whole bunch of others. I had dismantled their container and packed it with the girls still in the drawers so I carried it all upstairs to my bedroom and put it back together. All the girls are a bit travel weary. They need their hair combed. Some are in the outfits they were last wearing. Some are nude so we’ll spare their blushes for this week. I have a container of clothes to assemble and will bring that upstairs too. My bedroom is small but I want the girls handy to photograph while we are setting up the display area. Naomi has brought a few of her guys here already so we might be able to do a couple shoot next time she is here. She has work, so she can only come up here on alternate weekends at present.

The photos are not great, I still need to find the best spots to photograph them and as the weather is wild and windy that won’t be outside for the present. I have to find the rest of their outfits, shoes, combs etc but I hope from now on it will be business more or less as usual.



    • Just as an FYI, I’ve had my new doll room for almost a year – since February! – and I am finally, just this week, feeling as if I have sorted out the lighting. The solution was so simple – an incredibly long extension lead. D’oh! So be patient with yourselves while you sort everything out. It takes time!

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      • Lighting is one of the trickiest things I think. The main collection needs to be kept out of sunlight but when you are doing photography or craft you need good working light so lamps are usually a good answer.

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  1. Great to see the girls enjoying their new surroundings. Will they have a housewarming party I wonder? That would be fun! Lighting is certainly the trickiest thing as dolls are not meant to be kept in direct sunlight. It’s Winter here too and there’s not much opportunity to do outside shoots. I did do a “baby it’s cold outside” with two dolls on our white frosty lawn and sat a doll in a neighbour’s holly bush for a festive shot.

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    • We haven’t set the Barbie shop up yet so that is something that we’ll have to do one weekend when Naomi is here. A housewarming? Well I am going to have a lot of time on my hands over Christmas week as my usual cricket and yacht photography won’t be happening this year. It might be a good time for a big photoshoot.


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