Fashion Doll Friday: A Photo Shoot with Midge

I am not quite back in a routine yet but as I had found some of my Fashion Fever outfits I decided to take Midge out on the deck for a mini photoshoot. It was nice and still today so I was able to pose her on the railing without worrying about her making an unscheduled dive over the side. There are lots more locations around the garden I want to try out.

Midge is wearing a pair of Fashion Fever jeans and a top from Ellasdolls. I decided not to risk the shoes outside yet.



    • And you will but it will take some time as we need to paint the walls and put up shelving before we can get them all out but I plan on bringing my favourite modern fashion dolls upstairs so I can photograph them.


  1. Midge looks great in her outfit and new surroundings, the sepia shot is very authentic too. Would also love to see some Christmas shots. Glad to hear you and the dolls are settling in, moving is a big upheaval for anyone.

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  2. Midge shines in everything she wears! Love the quick picks and hope you are soon settled. Wish I had painted twenty years ago when we moved in. Shelves will be wonderful. I could do well to add some myself, (.Bookcases don’t quite manage as well.)I’m SO excited for you and Naomi’s new adventure!

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