Back to the Sixties with Sindy & Paul

Today I thought I’d share some photos I took of a couple of my Sindy’s and one of my Paul’s. I am working on a post about the scooter featured in these photos and needed some Sindy’s to pose with it so I went downstairs and found the box they were packed in. I thought it would be fun to make some of the photos black and white.

Here is a Hong Kong made Sindy wearing “Weekenders” and one of my favourites the Duffel Coat. These coats were incredibly popular when I was a child and this one is so well made even down to the buttons. Sindy was made about 1965-66.

This Sindy is I think, a Lovely Lively Sindy from 1974 or 1975. She has a twist waist and poseable arms and legs. She is much slimmer than the original Sindy’s. In fact, a lot of the early Sindy fashions I collect don’t fit the later dolls very well. Sindy is wearing “Coffee Party” a knit dress which comes in either dark blue or brown. It should be worn with a belt but I don’t have it.

Here are Sindy and Paul together. Paul is wearing “Motorway Man”.

Look out for another post featuring Sindy’s scooter very soon.


  1. Loved sepia pictures of vintage dolls in timeless fashions. Especially liked the duffle coat and hairdos!

    Le Sportsac x Barbie has come out with a collaboration featuring vintage Barbie prints.

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  2. Love the sepia photos, they look very authentic. I’m still trying to get the duffle coat, I remember them as a child too. I also have the coffee party dress in brown, mine is also missing the belt. I’ve just recently got the coat and trousers to Motorway Man, my first genuine Paul clothes! Looking forward to the post about Sindy’s scooter.

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    • I have both the blue and brown Coffee Party dresses but no belt for either. I have got to the point in my Sindy outfit collection where I’m now looking to complete outfits I have so I’m always on the lookout for odd lots with shoes, belts or other accessories.


  3. Always wonderful to see photos of Sindy. The last picture of Sindy and Paul in his “Motorway Man” coat is my favourite. They make a fabulous couple! Thanks for sharing.

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