A Hair Raising Tale Continued

Here is Charice before, during and after her bad hair day. I think the new wig softens her look a little don’t you? It also made me think of a new name for her. From now on she will be known as Carly.

I have never done a fashion shoot with Carly. Although I had de boxed her I did not remove her original outfit but now that she is damaged goods so to speak I thought I’d see how she looks in some other outfits. I do have some other Charice fashions but they are still packed so I went to my Fashion Fever drawers for something completely different.

Carly in blue hand-knitted dress
Carly looking sporty in Fashion Fever closet outfit

The Candi and Charice dolls can wear a lot of Barbie fashions but they do have one or two issues. They are more busty than the modern Barbies and possibly even the original TNT bodied dolls so tops are very snug on them as you can see from the photo above. It looks quite different on Becky or any of the FF girls. Some pants won’t fit over her hips either even though they would do up at the waist you can’t get them on. Some Barbies have this problem with FF clothing too. I also found that because of the soft vinyl that her legs are made of Carly cannot get some shoes on. The Fashion Fever closet sneakers are a great fit, better than Barbie actually but I could not squeeze her foot into some of the high heels. I might have to try with hot water next time to see if that helps.

I do need to permanently attach this wig to Carly’s head as presently it comes off every time I comb her hair. I’m thinking of buying one of those wig caps and attaching the wig to that as I don’t really want to put glue on her head.

Once I’m happy with her hair Carly will probably go back to the display shelves but in the meantime, I can have a little fun with her.



  1. I won’t be able to visit the site for the next week over Christmas so I’d like to wish Vanda, Naomi and all the readers of this blog a very Happy Christmas and New Year. It’s great to be in touch with people who share our hobby. Best Wishes to you all, Angie xx

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