Fashion Doll Friday: Mikelman Fabulous Fur Charice

Fashion Doll Friday takes on a festive air this week as our Friday Girl is Mikelman’s Fabulous Fur Charice. You may remember that Charice had an unfortunate accident with her hair a couple of months ago. Today she is wearing a Monique wig which Naomi bought and then decided was unsuitable for her project. It is a good fit on Charice though. I have not yet glued it on her head but when I do I’ll be able to experiment a bit more with different styles. It is a few shades lighter than her original hair colour but I think it suits her quite well.



  1. The wig is perfection, wish there was a way to velcro these things so they could be swapped out like /liv wigs or even Fashion queen. Never thought of a Donald Trump doll and a Mikelmans gal they’d love an airing from storage.. Maybe I can see if any can squeeze into that lovely red gown the Barbie for President was wearing. Btw, was just looking at Wendy’s holiday drama, fun stuff!

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    • You can buy wig caps now in various sizes. I’m getting one because I don’t really want to glue the wig to her head in case I want to change it sometime. Have a look on eBay and you’ll see them.


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