Merry Christmas

Today is the day many of us are celebrating Christmas but even if you are celebrating or have recently celebrated a different religious holiday or it is “just another day” for you I hope that it will be a peaceful and happy one.

As we may have mentioned Naomi has to work over Christmas and can’t come up to Sisters Beach for the holiday. It happens occasionally, any of you who have ever had a job that requires you to work on the holidays will understand. Rather than miss out on Christmas, we decided to celebrate early so we exchanged gifts and had our favourite Christmas food ten days before Christmas. Not ideal but better than no Christmas at all.

We were both happy with our gifts, for me Sindy’s scooter which I showed you recently and for Naomi a vintage Hermann teddy bear. The dogs and cats also received treats, toys or new bowls although of course they neither know nor care what day it is.

So wherever you are, have a happy day. I hope you are neither too hot nor too cold and that you have enough to eat and are spending the day with people you care about. Readers in Australia take extra care not to be out in the extreme heat and dirty air. Those of you who may have been affected by the terrible bushfires I’m thinking of you especially.

Merry Christmas from both of us.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and Naomi from the other side of the world! It’s not quite Christmas Eve here and the West Enders wish all your dolls a fabulous new year when it arrives.

    My husband has family in Sydney and the situation is very worrisome. We have many friends around Australia and they are all in out thoughts. I hope everyone remains safe during this time.

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