Sindy’s Scooter

One of the things on my dolly wish list this year was a scooter for my Sindy doll collection. I would like a Sindy car, either her first one from the early sixties or the more recent Mini with the Union flag on the roof but cars take up a lot of room and in the old house, the Sindy’s lived on a narrow shelf. I’m not sure what I’m going to set up for them here yet but I brought the shelving with me so it’s quite likely they will have the same amount of real estate. A motor scooter though doesn’t take up much space. Anyway, I was very lucky because Naomi got me one for Christmas. Before I show it to you I’d like to tell you about some of Sindy’s other motorcycles.

Sindy was meant to be a hip teen or young adult so she had her own scooter to get about on. The first one was a white battery operated scooter released in 1967-8 that could take two dolls. I think it was originally branded as Paul’s scooter as Sindy had a car already but after Paul was discontinued it became Sindy’s. It must have been a bit difficult to put them on it because the original Sindy and Paul did not have much articulation so they would have looked quite awkward sitting on it. I have not been able to find a free to use photograph of that scooter but you can see a picture of it on the Our Sindy Museum site here. It is a European styled scooter similar to a Lambretta or Vespa.

In the 1970s Sindy got a new scooter, yellow with a case on the back and shopping basket on the front. A riding suit, helmet and shoes were included for Sindy. This scooter was in a pink box with the older Sindy logo on it. The scooter that Naomi gave me is a later one from 1982 but it looks exactly the same despite being packaged in a blue box. The scooter has the removable shopping basket but is missing the included outfit and helmet. Here is my scooter.

In 1988-9 Sindy got another new motor scooter. This one was blue and had a battery-operated remote control. It is branded Hasbro. In the 1990’s Hasbro released a European version in pink as well. I wish that I were able to show you photos of all of these other scooters but if you do an image search for Sindy scooter or moped you should find an example of each of these.

Now it’s time to decide which Sindy is going to get the scooter when the display gets set up. Most of my Sindy’s are from the 1960s so it should probably be one of my few 70s or 80s Sindy’s.

Which of these Sindy’s will get the scooter?

Paul can sit on the scooter but he is a little heavy for it and it toppled a couple of times so he is resigned to teaching the girls to ride. Neither of them will be going for a spin just yet though as they don’t have helmets and the auburn haired Sindy is wearing totally unsuitable shoes.



  1. I love vehicles for dolls, it adds so much realism to a display! Your scooter is beautiful, the little basket is adorable and handy to put some groceries in. A lovely present. 🙂

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