Fashion Doll Friday: Tropical Splash Kira 1994

As I desperately searched my tub of stored fashion dolls for one you haven’t seen yet I came upon one that I am pretty sure I’ve never featured.

This week’s Friday Girl is Tropical Splash Kira. At least I think she is. She was one of my early finds, bought nude and as my books are still awaiting a home I did an internet search and looked at all the black-haired Barbie friends of the eighties and nineties. Miko, Kira, Marina (in Europe) and Nia. Tropical Splash Kira seems the closest. The eye colour and makeup look about right to me.

This Kira has shorter hair, I think I trimmed it when I got her because it was untidy. I may also have given her the black butterfly earrings, she may not have had any but if she had still had the original ones I would most certainly have taken them out as I don’t like them. She was a cheap doll so who cares? The back of her head is marked 1980 and on her back made in Indonesia.

If anyone has any other suggestions for her ID I’d love to hear them.



  1. Isn’t she a beauty with her glossy black hair and beautiful green eyes! I would nearly always pick the blonde haired dolls, but now I’m getting more Titians and Brunettes. I have a Lea doll but I haven’t got Kira (yet!)


    • When I started to collect and bought mostly pre loved Barbies there were so many with long blonde hair that looked very similar out of their original outfits so I was always happy to add a titian or a brunette for variety and as I mentioned Kira was not so easy to get hold of. I really love that silky hair too.


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