Fashion Doll Friday: Hamilton Designs Petals & Dots Candi

Today’s Friday Girl is a rerun but one you haven’t seen for a while. She is Petals & Dots Danish Candi by Hamilton Design Systems. I think she is from about 1996-7. In one photo you can see her as she was when I got her, pictured with another Candi. I didn’t really like the long hair though and, this was in my early collecting days, I gave her a trim. Would I do it now? Maybe, if I wanted to play with her and use her as a regular model. If I had left her original she would probably have remained on the doll shelf as a display only doll. Dolls were so much cheaper then, that I didn’t feel bad about it.



  1. She looks great in the blue dress, it really brings out her eye colour and the new hair length suits her. It makes sense to trim off any tangles or excess length that you don’t need, unless of course she is a rare doll. You’re right though, doll collecting has got more expensive over the years and it’s rare to find a gem in the Op/charity shops now. My best find was my Gayle doll, especially as she was never sold in the UK!

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    • Yes, she was a lucky find. I thoiught the blue dress suited her rather well. I knitted it from some metallic yarn which I would find extremely uncomfortable if I had to wear it.


  2. I really like the blue metallic knit dress! Very pretty, nice job! Is it your own pattern or a pattern from knitting pattern site? Is it yarn or crochet thread from Coats & Clark? I would like to buy some if available in the U.S. I have made most of my doll clothes from patterns that used to be in every issue of Crochet World magazine. They don’t/won’t put them in that magazine any more, at least not Barbie ones.


    • It is a knitting pattern that I really like from a free pattern site called Stickatill Barbie. They have patterns for Barbie and her family and Bratz dolls. It is a European site and the patterns are in multiple languages.
      The thread was a metallic cotton. I’ll see if I can find the ball band as I have a bit left or I may have described it in a previous post. I’ll get back to you.


  3. The Swedish version looks like an Integrity doll I have from 2007, well the face. I have a 1997 Hamilton Toys Candi with black hair. The body looks the same and I think they have the same face mold but mine has red lips. These gals sure are busty so I was finally glad to find a purple Candi top. She displays well next to an Elizabeth Taylor. These dolls are good blenders blending cross collections. So lovely.They show home-mades to their advantage. Love the knit dress!

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