Fashion Doll Friday: Brown Eyed Girl Revisited

I have been going down my tub of rarely used Barbies and I think that until we start on the guys you will be seeing a few reruns. This week’s Friday Girl was featured way back in 2014. She looks like a typical 90s Barbie except for her lovely brown eyes. Certainly, they were the reason I bought her. When I originally posted her photo in May 2014 a reader sent me a link to a photo that identified her but when I checked back the link was broken. I hadn’t made a note of it. See, this is why we need to keep records. So please someone remind me who she is.



  1. I’m sorry that I can’t help with the identification, but she certainly is a real beauty! The brown eyes are lovely! I hope someone knows who she is. 🙂

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  2. I remember reading the post, I think she may have been the Peter Rabbit Barbie, dressed in a long white gown with Peter Rabbit designs on it. It may have been a celebratory anniversary of Beatrix Potter. (I’m not absolutely certain but I think that’s what I remember reading.) Her brown eyes are lovely and more unusual. The main thing that attracted me to my Francie doll was her lovely brown eyes with real eyelashes. Blonde, blue eyed dolls are ten a penny, but not brown eyed blondes.

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    • I agree, I will nearly always buy a brown eyed blonde when I see one. I also think you are right about Peter Rabbit Barbie I had a look. I felt she was one of the Children’s Collector series and looked at some yesterday but didn’t feel she was a princess. Thanks.


  3. Or she might be 1996 Sweet Moments Barbie ,you could check on the 900’s album of A Thousand Splendid Dolls on Flickr. She has your gals earrings, the 76 face-mold and shani arms. Either way she’s a keeper!

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  4. no worries, I love that you can enlarge their pica as so many dolls for me it comes down to the eyes that identify them, and even keeping ken w/ its great resource you can’t always see the eyes, so many of mine came used w/o a scrap of clothing so not only Barbies but Ken were hard to tag.Love your gal, the brown eyes w/ the blonde is so sweet.

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