Fashion Doll Friday: Top Model Resort Barbie 2007

Today’s Friday Girl is Top Model Resort Barbie aka Beverly. Surprisingly Bev has never been a Friday Girl. I was sure I’d featured her but if I did I can’t find the post. Here you can see her still in her box when I got first got her, present from Naomi if I remember rightly. She was the first doll I had with the Model Muse body. I like her outfits very much and they have frequently been loaned to other dolls.



  1. Fabulous! She rocks the Cali vibe, if I was tall and thin I’d try her togs on me. I love the model muse bodies they show even home-made’s to advantage. Love the accessories, bag/ hat and shoes! great Fashion Friday !

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    • The sundress is often worn by Julia and I have had the beachwear on Kate. I do like the Model Muse body. It is so elegant. I love articulation but I never like the look of all the joints.


    • That was always my concern about the Fashionista’s especially the hands seemed very fragile. You need patience to get those outspread hands through a sleeve and I can imagine children breaking them.


  2. I love the model muse body. Top Model Resort Barbie is very pretty, her bikini and extra outfits are as well. I really like these sort of Barbies that remind of sunny vacations and fun!

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  3. She has the most fabulous blue eyes and the clothes are great, my favourite is the summer dress. You certainly have to be careful with the hands when dressing, the fingers can also stick through clothes such as jumpers and knitwear when trying to dress making it more difficult. Great photos too.

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    • Yes, those outspread hands catch on everything . I read a tip about wrapping them with cling wrap before sliding a sleeve over and it does seem to help. It’s still sometimes more than I have the patience for though.


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