Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Eighteen – Family Affair

It’s been a long time since we did a vintage paper doll post so here is a new one. Naomi has bought quite a few paper dolls that I hadn’t seen yet in the past year or so. This set is made by Whitman who made a lot of the TV/Movie celebrity paper dolls.

Family Affair was a popular sitcom made between 1966 and 1971. It was about Bill Davis, a wealthy bachelor who suddenly becomes responsible for his orphaned nieces and nephew. Bill and his English valet Mr French find their lives very different after the arrival of Cissy, Buffy and Jody. The show starred Brian Keith as “Uncle Bill” Davis and Sebastian Cabot as Giles French. The children were played by Kathy Garver (Cissy), Anissa Jones (Buffy) and Johnny Whitaker (Jody).

This vintage set is in nice condition, still in its original box. The dolls are made from stiff cardboard with plastic stands. I don’t think the set is quite complete, Cissy has only two outfits but the others have several outfits each which are also in good condition. There are even two dolls representing Buffy’s favourite doll Mrs Beasley. Perhaps we will be able to find out what is missing later. Here are the dolls and their outfits.

The paper dolls.
The clothes.

As the dolls and outfits were in such good condition I tried a few on them. As I mentioned Cissy only seems to have two outfits. I’m sure there are more. Uncle Bill had a tuxedo, his tennis togs and a couple of other outfits but I feel he may be missing a couple as well.

I really like the Mr French outfits which is why I have included two of them. There was also a dark suit with what I thought was a bowler hat but it didn’t fit him very well and I didn’t want to tear it so I haven’t shown it here.

Buffy and Jody were cute little kids. Buffy looks to have an almost full wardrobe. Jody had four or five outfits. He may have had more.

And of course we can’t forget Mrs Beasley.



  1. We have the same set! Yours is in ever so much better condition! I am missing a stand, Mrs. Beasley, and have about 3-4 outfits each. Buffy is missing the outfit w/ the jacket, and yours is missing Jody’s check shorts w/ zip up jacket. You have everything else I have (for the men). I have 3-4 dresses more for cissy. Plus something strange, other wardrobe items w/ cissy written on the back that do not fit this set. Cissy doesn’t much look like my doll, more matronly,I have to say. Like someone her Uncle would date.I will be hunting down to see if there another Cissy set these other outfits go to, or if they gave random clothes to fill out her wardrobe.

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