Vintage Paper Dolls: Part Nineteen – Dot and Peg

Here is another set of Naomi’s vintage paper dolls. These two girls are obviously from the 1940s. Their names are Dot and Peg and they each have a very nice wardrobe of outfits. The set is called”Around the Clock with Peg and Dot” and was originally published by Whitman in 1943. Later, in 1948, it was reissued as “A Busy Day with Peg and Dot”. The artist was Hilda Miloch.

The nice thing about this set is that whoever cut out the dolls also saved the little illustrations that were in the paper doll book. The graphics are very cute.

I really like 1940s fashions so I’ve dressed the girls in a few of their outfits so you can see them better.

This paper doll set can be bought as a reproduction book .

I also found another blog post about these dolls which shows the pages of the book and it looks like most of it is here bar a couple of outfits and few small items like hats.



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