Fashion Doll Friday: Made to Move Lea 2016

Today’s Friday Girl is Made to Move Lea. Well actually I don’ t think Mattel named any of the dolls in this series but I’m calling her Lea because I like the friend dolls. This is one of the first series of Made to Move Barbies, the ones that wore yoga pants. I do like the articulation on these dolls as I love to pose them for photos but I do wish there was a way to hide the joints which spoil the look of the doll a little.

Coming soon, the Made to Move fashion shoot.



  1. Such a lovely face. By the time I decided to buy her she was unavailable or too expensive on the secondary market unfortunately. The joints are indeed very visible on the MTM dolls, but their flexibility compensates for that for me. 🙂 Your portrait of her is beautiful!

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  2. She’s a lovely doll, it’s a shame they can’t hide the joints but flexibility compensates for that, as Linda – Yeye Dolls rightly points out. I have a Lea doll I found in a charity shop for £1. Mine is a Fashionista so doesn’t have any articulation, not even a twist waist but she’s still a pretty doll. I was looking for an “oriental” looking doll and she fits the bill perfectly.

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    • I really like the Lea face, especially now that the square jaw Teresa’s are gone. Now I think of it Mattel are not really making friend dolls now are they? They use all the friend faces for Fashionista instead even the non smiley Skipper face. I don’t like the smiley face Skipper nearly as much.


  3. I prefer the non-smiley Skipper face too, she looks more like Skipper! It seems that Barbie and friends are not being made now, the Fashionistas are all just Barbie and Ken. However with all the different shapes sizes, eyes, hair and skin colour they can all be given their own names and personalities. I’ve given all my Fashionistas their own names, except the ones I’ve kept NRFB. Just a pity they are not more articulated. When I need articulation for a photo shoot I find myself choosing the same dolls again and again.

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  4. She is lovely. I’d love to put a few of these dolls in full body leotards w/ long sleeves like 95’s Olympic gymnast. Haven’t saught them out yet for prices but might run across something at a swap meet.

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