Made to Move Lea Fashion Shoot

I tried various outfits on Lea while I was getting her ready for Fashion Doll Friday. She’s fun to pose and I haven’t played with her much since I had her. I decided to share some of my outfit ideas with you all.

The clothing I used is mostly from Ellasdolls Australia as the stretchy material fits almost any doll well and MTM’s are a little hard to fit. I also used some Fashionista and Fashion Fever clothing. The location was our upper back deck where the trees make a nice background.

Stretch pants and tube top by Ellasdolls Australia
Tall Fashionista dress and Ellasdolls stretch pants.

This is a Fashionista outfit I bought. I have to admit that I don’t like it very much. The pieces are OK but I just don’t like the way the outfit is put together. I suppose Mattel thinks this is what little girls like.

Fashionista Outfit

I decided to use a couple of pieces with some Ellasdolls pants. I think my version is better, it fits better for one thing. The check skirt was rather loose, probably made to fit a Curvy.

I have mostly put Lea in pants because as I mentioned previously I don’t care for the look of the knee joints. However here she is in an Ellasdolls skirt and a Fashion Fever blouse. The blouse was snug and I was only able to do up one of the two snaps as she is broad in the back.

I haven’t mentioned shoes. MTM has articulated ankles so theoretically she can wear heels or flats. She can but I must say that some heeled shoes looked a bit odd on her to me and I think I like her better in boots or flats.



  1. She does look especially good in the pants as they hide the knee joints, and the pink love sweater, I agree is great for a Valentine’s Day shoot. The cat top is quite cute, I’m a definite cat lover. It looks better with the pants than the checked skirt. Great photos!

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