Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Pepper 1963-1965

Today’s Friday Girl is Ideal Pepper. I received this doll on my 9th birthday and she is in her original outfit. In Australia Pepper does not seem to have been sold with the little overskirt to the playsuit. She is the first edition Pepper with straight legs. She is a little bit taller than Pedigree Patch.

While I was checking to see which dolls had not been featured recently I discovered that although every other member of the Tammy Family has been a Friday Girl or Guy my original childhood Pepper had not. As I don’t want her to turn into the Jan Brady of the Tammy House here she is.

Note: In fact I discovered after publishing that she had been featured before. I thought it was odd because I was sure I had done all three Pepper’s. Still, it was two years ago so never mind.



  1. Pepper still seems to be in great condition despite all the adventures our dolls had during the sixties when we played with them. They had some big adventures and we often took them outside. There they trekked through a vast jungle and encountered a wild beast. We had two small terrier mixed breed dogs that had taken them away on various occasions. My dolls were all beheaded once but luckily they were not damaged and I was able to fix them up. They lived to carry on their adventures in the wild.

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  2. She’s really cute and still in great condition, it’s nice that you still have some of your childhood dolls. I mainly collect teenage dolls but I do have Penny Brite, Skipper, Kevin and Jennie. (Jennie is a 1970s doll, made by Kenner or Denys Fisher I think.) She is the same size and very similar looking to Patch. Patch and Pepper are beyond my budget on EBay but if I ever find them in a charity (Op) shop I would definitely buy them. The children are good for the Mother’s Day shoots, amongst others.

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    • Any Tammy family dolls are very expensive on eBay. I don’t think many of the family members were sold here, only Tammy and Pepper and only for a short time as Barbie began to predominate. Patch and her clothes are very expensive too. I have one of each hair colour now and unless I manage to get a Canterbury Patch that will do me. I’d like a couple more outfits for them but I’m happy with what I have. I could not believe it when I found Patch at a market for only $8. That was cheap even for the nineties. I literally ran away once I had paid for her in case the stall holder changed her mind. New Pepper was pretty cheap too, I’m sure the seller didn’t know who she was. That was at a doll show. Sometimes you get lucky.


    • I am very lucky as of my childhood fashion dolls, I still have Tressy, Sindy, Tammy, Skipper and Pepper. These dolls are now all over 50 years old. I had to replace Patch and Tutti but all the others survived.


  3. Amazing! Oldest doll from my “childhood” was one made for me at age 16. Then w/ my daughter I started w/ what she left behind, then discovered your blog. I still would really love to find patch etc..and hope for luck at the swap meet. Mostly for clothes though, used things in open venues get so damaged. My local thrift shop doesn’t seem to carry many dolls any more. I have donated some duplicates, but who knows what fate they will have.
    I hardly ever see Tammy family dolls though, which is sad , because they wear home-made clothes so well. Great post. just got my first Tammy case and grown up Tammy and Pepper are sorting the clothes out. know I will need a book for that.Thanks for sharing your lovely dolls!

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