Fashion Doll Friday: Happy Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we have a Friday Girl and Guy. Dirk and Gigi have only just met each other today when they agreed to model for the Valentine’s Day post. They wish it to be known that they are not in a relationship.

Gigi is of course, Gigi Hadid Barbie. Dirk is one of Naomi’s restyled male fashion dolls and I think he is quite good looking.


  1. I love Gigi and of course the Edward doll from Twilight, cute enough to be a couple..but not. I used that doll to mock-up a New Batman by stealing last Batman /Ben’s hood and cape..Love the wig, btw..makes him less Ed more Cedrick..or Dirk-ish.Great mash-up for Valentines day.great blog!

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  2. They make a great looking couple even if they are not in a relationship (yet!) Maybe they could go for a coffee or lunch after the shoot to see how they get on! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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  3. Dirk doesn’t look like a shy guy, so maybe he’ll be able to win Gigi over. He looks very cool in this outfit and sunglasses! Gigi is a very pretty doll, they would make a lovely couple. ;). Happy Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it!

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