Doll Collecting for Non Collectors

I recently started a new doll blog called Thrifty Doll Collecting. It’s aimed at new doll collectors and people who buy dolls to resell.

It is mainly hints and tips on buying, selling, identifying and caring for dolls. The first few posts are based on things I have already written for this blog but later on, I hope to create some entirely original material for it.

This blog will of course keep going because it is my passion and although I may monetize the other one if it is successful I don’t want to do that with this one.



  1. Another great site to look in on. You’ll be kept very busy with all four sites, as there’s also your other blog and the Teddy Bear site. I’m definitely a thrifty doll collector, doing what I can on a limited budget. Although I don’t claim to be an expert, I can spot a good bargain. We have plenty of charity (Op) shops where I live and a fantastic Collectibles shop which I visit weekly. The owner is a doll collector herself and we often chat dolls and she looks out for things that I need. Dolls (and toys in general) are getting very scarce in charity shops. Children just want ipads and phones. Where’s the fun and imagination in them!


    • That’s what we always say Angie. I see parents giving babies a phone to play with the way that they used to give them keys to jingle. By the time they are six they are being told they are too old for certain toys so even if they are interested in dolls they are unlikely to be allowed to keep many.
      You are very lucky to have a collectibles shop with an owner who knows what you like. Charity shops here don’t always have a lot of dolls and most tend to be the modern ones like the ones I have written about in the past.


    • I hope so Linda. I have found it very exasperating as a buyer to have to look at a lot of dolls that are not what I am searching for. Sellers would make more sales if they described dolls better and buyers would not be disappointed to be sold a doll that was not what they had been told it was so everyone wins.


  2. I am constantly hitting that, I nicely correct those if I think I can identify a doll, but wish sometimes sellers would bother to do their own homework, not to mention as a buyer I try to be aware. I have in fact gotten zinged and made lemonade w/ my lemon(s)..every random body/head..clone/etc.. Just love dolls, Toys & teddy’s.Can’t wait to partake of another great blog!

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    • I think sellers should do their homework. Many are very happy to be corrected (I do it too) but others just load their listings with random keywords to attract buyers. It really annoys me when people list things as “Barbie, Sindy, Tammy” on purpose so it will show in multiple searches. Especially if the doll or item is none of those.


  3. What a wonderful service! Our local doll club ALWAYS gets calls from people wanting to know what to do with doll collections and/or how to identify dolls. If it is alright with you, I will provide a link to this posting. Thanks so much.

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  4. Thrifty Doll Collecting is now closed because I couldn’t keep up with the expense of a third blog but I have written similar articles for this blog and will continue to do so.


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