Fashion Doll Friday: Disney Princess

Today’s Friday Girl is a Disney Princess I picked up at Penguin Market. She had been redressed but I think she was probably Cinderella.

Cindy has the Mattel 1999 belly button body and Disney 2005 on the back of her head. The clothes she had been redressed in did not fit very well so I have redressed her in an Anko fashion from K Mart which is a little tight across the shoulders but doesn’t show her bum like her previous outfit did.



  1. She certainly looks like Cinderella. I had the Simba versions of Snow White and Cinderella but I’ve recently had a “thinning out” and they have gone. I do still have Pocahontas NRFB which I only paid £2 for on a market stall. Cinderella would have probably been dressed in a pale blue sparkly ballgown. Your Mattel version has a less “cartoony” face than mine had, she’s a pretty doll.

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  2. I love the greenish skirt in the first pic that reminds me of Ariel fins, very pretty doll. Interesting how the Disney dolls have evolved. Even the Princes.Cindi wears everything so well.


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