Fashionista Fashions: One Size Fits None

“What are these things?” cried Jan when she and Midge arrived to set up for their fashion shoot. “They don’t look a bit like the things that Vivienne usually leaves for us. Do you think I upset her?”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” Midge said comfortingly. “Maybe they will look better once the models are wearing them.”

“That reminds me we have a couple of new ones today.” Jan told her

The Fashions

The Showrunner


The Models

  • Stephanie – Barbie The Look, Model Muse body
  • Barbara – Eden Starling Barbie
  • Gigi – Gigi Hadid Barbie
  • Holly – Style Party Fashionista 2014

Just then the models arrived and once Jan had welcomed them she said “We only have four outfits today. Please take the one each and don’t worry about the shoes. They never have shoes to fit everyone here. “Stephanie, will you take the pink skirt. I think it will be too long for everyone else.”

Stephanie looked distastefully at the outfit. “Who mixes spots like this?” she asked.

Jan looked sympathetic. “I know but just wear it please.”

It didn’t take long for the girls to organise themselves and by the time Midge had finished adjusting the lighting they were ready.

Stephanie did not like the spotted skirt and top together.

Stephanie appeared first in the pleated skirt with pink spots. It was rather loose she reported but she was really unhappy about the top which was blue with blue spots. ” I think it would look better with a plain top.” she complained.

Blue and white striped playsuit.

Barbara was next with a blue and white striped cotton playsuit. It fit her quite well once she got it over her hips she said. She thought it was quite retro.

Holly in the denim skirt and cold shoulder top.

Holly came out wearing a pale blue denim skirt and a silvery cold shoulder top. “I reckon they sent this skirt from the plus size department.” she said. “It is so big! The top is fine though.” she added.

Gigi wears the hoodie dress.

Gigi was last wearing a yellow hooded dress. “I think the designer had spots on the brain with this lot.” she said smiling. Her dress also had spots on it. “I don’t mind this dress though.” she added.

Barbara came up to Jan. “There are some other clothes back here. Do we try these on too?”

“Not me. said Stephanie. “I’ve got a date, I’m out of here.”

“Just let’s do the group shot first.” Jan told her, then you can go.”

“We can look at the other things if anyone wants to stay,” she told the other girls.

Midge hurried to pose the girls for the group shot so that Stephanie could go. We’ll see the other fashions next time.

The traditional group shot.


  1. Brilliant show as always. Maybe the silver cold shoulder top could be worn with the pink spotted skirt and the blue spotted top with the denim skirt. I’ve just bought a few skirts with similar packaging to these yesterday and they fit my curvy girls. The curvy girls are similar in size on top but have very wide hips (pear shaped!) so it’s hard to find things that fit (I know how they feel, I’m a similar shape myself! One of them is my “mini me”) Looking forward to seeing the rest of the fashions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that Mattel are making their skirts like this now so that they will fit the curvies as well but they feel loose on the regular sized dolls . Luckily the pink spotted skirt is elastic waisted or it would fall off the Mode Muse or TNT girls . Good suggestion to swap the tops over. Jan was finding it all a bit painful.


  2. Beautiful outfits! I love the skirts and tops and the playsuit is also wonderful. The yellow dress is probably a bit short to fit for the tall girls? It looks lovely on Gigi. Looking forward to the other fashions. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the yellow dress would be short on the tall dolls. If I put it on one it would have to be with leggings. It does suit Gigi though. I think the playsuit is the most nicely made one.


  3. Oh dear, Mattel has come a long way from its 1959 styles. I agree that the playsuit is the nicest outfit. Polka-dots are the people fashion trend this year so I guess Mattel thinks we all follow runway fashion. Stephanie’s mismatched polka-dots might work if the skirt was way shorter. Even just above the knee would help, but a mini skirt could turn the outfit into something fun. Stephanie does look disgruntled; better give her the nicest outfit for the next fashion shoot! And when is Mattel going to lose that 1959 logo? Sorry to be so negative; my comments are all about Mattel and not about you. Actually the yellow dress would be cute without the logo.


    • Actually I agree with you. I rarely buy Barbie fashions now but these were less objectionable than usual. It does annoy me that they put pieces together that in my mind don’t really match each other. As their target audience seems to be under 10s I doubt that the 1959 or 1961 on Ken outfits means anything to them so why bother? I did think the playsuit was a nice piece of retro style and I liked the yellow colour even though I don’t really care for hoodie dresses as a rule. As you probably noticed Jan was not enthustiastic about the clothes and she adores clothes but you have to work with what you have got.


    • These fashions are designed so that the talls and curvies can wear them which is why they don’t fit the regular size girls so well . I’d hate to see how that skirt would look on a petite. Mattel is being a bit cheap by not making at least a few sets that are size specific.


  4. I agree. If they are going to do different body shapes, they need to make clothes to fit all the shapes properly, like they do for real people (in theory anyway lol). Francie, Casey and Twiggy were different size to Barbie and they shared their own range of clothes, but then this was the era in which everything was much better quality.

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