Fashion Doll Friday: Double Trouble

Well, we have twins for our Friday Girl spot today. When I got this City Shine doll at Don Market recently I genuinely thought that I didn’t have her. That is until I was going through old photos to see who I could feature this week and found that I actually did. Doh!

It doesn’t matter though. She is a nice doll and such a bargain at $3. Now there is a spare one to restyle and play with. I do have doubles of one or two dolls and it’s handy because I can keep one original and change the other. Or I have a swap if something else comes along.

I definitely need to start recording my dolls though.



  1. They are a beautiful pair. Do you have two identical outfits you could dress them in? I haven’t got any duplicates myself after thinning out a few. Even my Pedigree Sindys all have different hair colours and face paint, no two are exactly the same but I do have a few duplicate outfits to do the twins and double trouble theme.

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  2. I know how that goes, I have duplicated too many to count, but As I occasionally twin clothes too it give me more options. This doll is gorgeous, I have the pixie cut one from the series. Great FDF!

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  3. LOL – I think all doll collectors have duplicated a doll at least once. Your twins are gorgeous and it’s fun to see how different duplicates can look with a change of clothes/hairstyle.

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